• Should Sandra Fluke Apologize to America for Slutty Contraception Laws?

    March 6, 2012 5:04 am Comments Off on Should Sandra Fluke Apologize to America for Slutty Contraception Laws?
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  • Sandra Fluke and all other women who use contraception owe America an apology if they want us to pay for it.  Sure, Rush Limbaugh should not have called women ‘sluts’ and used a more tasteful term like ‘jezebels’ or ‘loose harlots who like dangling their sallies at the bar, then making everyone foot the bill for the good time afterward’.  But should he have apologized to a pro-abortion activist who may have been a plant?

    Should the Sandra Fluke brigade be apologizing to America, instead of Rush Limbaugh apologizing to them?

    As you know, I always respect a woman’s right to serve and give herself to her husband.  But I do not support a woman forcing me or an employer to pay for her sexuality.  How is that fair?

    Having sexual relations with another person is not a medical need.  It does not need to take place.  And as such, I’m also tired of people who think abortions or children they pop out one after the other with no way to pay for them are something for tax payers to cover.

    It’s time people in America start to be responsible for their own sexuality.  Just like there should be more responsibility for people who choose to overeat and then get sick for no reason other than gluttony, those who choose to have sexual intercourse need to foot the bill themselves.  I don’t care if they are trying to: prevent, abort or raise their kids.  Not my job to do it for you, honey!

    Get a job, get insurance and pay for your own stuff!

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