• Spring Break Warning for Cabo, Cancun, and Mexico Texas!

    March 9, 2012 6:51 am 18 comments
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    FOR IT IS WRITTEN:  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators! nor idolaters! nor adulterers! nor effeminate! nor abusers of themselves with mankind (HOMOGAYS!)! nor thieves! nor covetous! nor drunkards! nor revilers! nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God!”

    For you parents that have your first kid in college, DO NOT BE DECEIVED!  Spring break is a festival where women go up on stage, dangling their sallies for all to see!  They spread their legs and gap the fleshy pits of temptation, forcing young drunk men to be stiffened with sin and spread diseases!

    Gonorrhea!  Pregnant STDS!  Clappy clappy!  Gay bowel disease!  Oh you better believe, in a festival of sodomy and shame the gays will be there, thrusting their exposed flesh dangles into whatever passed out backside they can find!

    College children are still naive my friends.  Dear parents, do not think just because your little brat spent a month spending your money at college, they are adults!  These little punks are just giving into Satan if they ask you to go on Spring Break!

    If your child especially wants to go to ANYWHERE in South Texas, Caco, Cancun, Tijuana, Mexico, they are a drug dealer!  They are addicted to marijuana and Don Juan’s tweedy LSD!  They want to go to Mexico to sniff cracked cocaine off the caramel belly of a spent donkey show Tijuana hooker!  They want to play el colon bandit in Cabo!  They want to spend all your money on abortion toking sodomy orgies!


    If you daughter goes to Cabo, she has a 67% chance of getting infected with a Mexican pregnancy!

    If your son goes to Tijuana, they will rob his shoes and his boxers!  He will wake up broke, naked and in Eastern Europe, giving shloppy mouth to an Arabic sheik with a funny bone in his homo sparkle geni pants!

    4/5 people on spring break get drunk, don’t remember the night before and get mouth herpes.

    Gays are notorious for ‘milking’ naive college kids at spring break, and that is unholy milking!

    God smites fornicators, especially those in college.

    I hope you have enjoyed my holy report and warning.  Take heed and make your child come home for spring break, or warn them you will take away their tuition money next semester. Amen.

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