• The Alternative To 2012 Apocalypse: Real Pokemon Invasion(Photo Evidence)

    March 4, 2012 3:51 pm 238 comments
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  • Oh Friends:

    I do hate to remind you but the 2012 apocalypse is getting nearer and nearer as the months pass through Winter and into Spring like a fashlagging homo trying to get his last hits in and make some bucks before 2:00 a.m. And though this is frightening to have a great clock timing our lives as we speak, I fear I must reveal more bad news to you.

    I have recently discovered that there is a secret community in Pokemon communities in which they all mate to pass on their genes to overtake the world and try to make these pokemon come true. Be a reality. Now we all know this is a ridiculous ideal that these creatures that are in fact based off of a television series called Naruto: Shippuden. These communities called Bulbaswag, are trying to make these creatures a real, living, breathing, (in our air that God gave us, not them) thing. An organism that strives for battle after battle only to reach a limited level and learn no more attacks and defenses. This is just silly. Here are a few photo’s I retrieved from infiltration of the community banks in the lab files:

    This Homo pokemon is called a "Likatung"

    This pokemon is in a glass cell as we can see. It would seem that it senses an intimate mate behind the glass and thus it has extended its tongue to try and lick the no no parts of the brave experimentalist. This pokemon is supposedly of the first, and get this, One Hundred and Fifty-One, (151) pokemon. This pokemon’s number is unknown at this time. Though some of the features are still under way, these braves lab experimentalists are continuing their studies.

    This heavy set pokemon is called, "Hippoundon"

    This Hippoundon, is named after its black and afrosaxon relatives, blacks. This pokemon uses its intimidation to worn off other pokemon and uses its blackness to get out of sight when crimes are committed in the streets of the near pokemon towns in the regions it can be found in. The pokemon in the labs, however, is far too tall for its size and the experimentalists are trying to cut it back down to its proper size. As we can also see, the evil in the pokemon’s eyes are simply bursting with sinister thoughts of slaughter and demise of those who wish to tame it. Beware the Hippoundon

    This pokemon is called "glamurreow"

    This glamurreow is a cat and it is hated. And that’s OK

    This concludes my findings in the files at the community called Bulbaswag. They will continue to make these pokemon living beings one way or another let’s just hope that it is well after the apocalypse of 2012.

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