• The Cinnamon Challenge – New Food Craze is Sweeping the Internet, Doctors Warn Could be Disastrous

    March 25, 2012 11:52 pm Comments Off on The Cinnamon Challenge – New Food Craze is Sweeping the Internet, Doctors Warn Could be Disastrous
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  • YouTube hit: A cinnamon fog hangs in the air inside the woman's kitchen

    Woman completely dries her mouth as she does the Cinnamon Challenge on YouTube

    The Cinnamon Challenge is the newest food craze to sweep the internet.  While many people think it is all funs and games, doctors warn this game could end one’s life.

    The Cinnamon Challenge is a dangerous new game that involves taking a spoonful or more of ground cinnamon straight down without drinking any liquids.  While it may sound easier than eating a pack of crackers straight without water, doctors warn that this game is very dangerous and is quickly sweeping throughout homes and schools.

    The problem with this ‘food challenge’ is that cinnamon dries the mouth out too quickly.  Just like dropping a mound of salt on a slug, cinnamon will quickly deprive the mouth of throat of any moisture.

    Reports detail that the Cinnamon Challenge gained popularlity after being featured on Big Brother.

    The problem is that as the cinnamon fills the mouth, it can become airborne and get down into the lungs.  Once inhaled down the windpipe, cinnamon can cause choking and inflammation to the body’s delicate airway.  The FDA has released multiple statements saying the ‘game’ is a great hazard and the dust from the game can be deadly.

    Woman tries her hand at the cinnamon challenge.

    Men fair not much better at the cinnamon challenge.


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