• The Godless March on Washington D.C.

    March 26, 2012 8:13 pm 8 comments
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  • Godless heathens gather at the Washington Monument on Saturday for Reason Rally


    By: Rev. Billy Ray Sunday
    On assignment for chris†wire

    <chris†wire> This past weekend atheists from around the country are reported to have “descended” on our nation’s capital in another desperate attempt to demand “atheists rights and recognition,” said David Silverman, president of the group American Atheists.

    The “Reason Rally,” as it was called, according to organizers was expected to draw more than 10,000 people; however Saturday’s rally was a dismal failure only drawing a crowd estimated at around 1,500. Many in the crowd appeared to be homeless street people; bikers who proudly displayed their “ink” during the rally seem to have made up about 1/3 of the audience.

    British Atheist Richard Dawkins

    Among the speakers was noted British celebrity and Godless atheist, Richard Dawkins. Dawkins called for separation of church and state with blasphemous statements denouncing our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Music was provided by the punk band Bad Religion who was last in the news in 2007 after the band played an event for San Francisco’s Church of Satan.

    Twenty sponsors who underwrote the $300,000 event include the American Humanist Association, the Center for Inquiry, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Secular Coalition of America. Rally organizers said word of the rally was called together by “word-of-Web” and through social media Websites.

    Hailing the rally a huge success organizers had no comment when asked about the low turn out. The Reason Rally in spite of the low turnout somehow managed to keep DC Police busy. Captain Rea Anderson, spokesperson for the DC Police Department told reporters undercover police officers at the Rally on Saturday made 9 arrests for solicitation of prostitution, 14 drug related arrests, 4 were charged with theft related crimes and 3 were charged with being drunk in public.  

    Austin atheist, Dwayne Windham, 34 who attended the rally told this reporter… “I did not come here to wage war on religion but to show force for thoughtful atheism. The majority of us just want rational public policies based on facts, not someone’s book of cobbled together fantasies.”

    Atheist March on Washington 2012

    But this weekends rally was much more hostile towards all God-fearing Americans. Past events have had a live and let live attitude towards believers, but during Dawkins speech he called for atheist unity and said the Reason Rally was hell-bent on damning religion and mocking beliefs. Dawkins also said atheists must start showing contempt for religion and the religious.

    Other atheist organizations that were present or spoke at the rally include the group, Enlighten the Vote, American Atheist, and TrueReason.org. The Reason Rally took place one day before the annual Atheist Conference held in Bethesda, MD.

    Meanwhile over the weekend atheists, many from other countries began arriving in Polk County Florida were a large group of the Godless turned out in a failed coup attempt to seize control of Polk County government. Two attempts were made to take the County Courthouse in Bartow however Polk County Sheriff Grady’s Christian deputies of faith managed to break the atheist line early Sunday morning. Those not immediately arrested fled.

    Polk County Courthouse Survived Two Atheist Attacks Over Weekend

    Directly to the North at the Polk / Lake County line Lake County officers stood by waiting for the atheist surge to attempt to cross into Lake County. As of this morning Lake County Sheriff Gary S. Borders reports no such attempt was made. “That’s probably because of the miracle that occurred in Clermont over the weekend. I’ve made it perfectly clear those atheists are not welcome here. And if they don’t heed my warning God help them, because my deputies will run every last one of them to ground and make quick work of it,” said Borders.

    Polk County Florida has been in a constant state of unrest for six days following last Monday’s staged atheist media event where known Devil worshipers were proudly filmed and interviewed by the media as they used “Unholy Water” to wash off a local highway where the sterling organization of local ministers known as Polk Under Prayers (PUP) had blessed it the year before.

    Atheists in hoodies attack Main Street businesses in downtown Bartow on Saturday afternoon.

    Local resident’s feared attack on Saturday after a dozen or more atheist pick-up trucks carrying the toxic unholy water drove through the county using fire hoses, now known to have been stolen from a local fire station, to hose down God-fearing Christians going about their daily affairs. Several churches, schools, playgrounds, daycare centers and the County Courthouse were also desecrated.

    Saturday night the Godless gathered on the Courthouse steps under torchlight’s carried by participants and performed some heathen dance ritual. Hiding behind First Amendment Rights officers made no attempt to stop the bizarre ritual where dancers used live chickens cutting off their heads and drenching themselves the animal’s blood. They danced to a hypnotic drum rhythm thrusting their hips, gyrating and withering in sexually suggestive forms; it was a very disturbing spectacle indeed.

    Sheriff’s car burns in front of Polk County Courthouse
    At the top of the Courthouse stairs watching this orgy of blood ritual, armed deputies carrying shotguns and auto-fire rifles stood at the ready near the Courthouse entrance with “shoot to kill” orders should the group suddenly move up the stairs towards officers. Early Sunday morning occultists made their second attempt in 6 days to seize the Courthouse, but were quickly repelled when deputies broke the atheist front line forcing their retreat. By Monday morning all appeared quiet and the Godless are thought to have cleared out.

    Schools county-wide however remained closed today but are expected to open tomorrow. Life slowly started returning to normal on Bartow’s Main Street today as business owners removed plywood and boards used to cover windows days ago after gunfire erupted in the vicinity of downtown Bartow when atheists, Satanist, witches, warlocks, Vamp-freaks and other God-haters charged the Courthouse during their initial assault to seize control of county government.

    Had Sheriff Grady’s brave, God-fearing Christians Troopers, each deputy a beacon of virtue and integrity, not been on scene, having been previously warned of the imminent assault, its likely the Courthouse would’ve fallen to Satan’s evil forces with its usual staff of Courthouse officers. For now all remains quiet in Polk County but city and county officers are still on High-Alert tonight in case these Devil Worshipers still have some fight in them.

    Rev. Billy Ray Sunday
    Rock of Ages Holiness Church
    Forkland, AL
    Visit our church on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rock-of-Ages-Holiness-Church/346929902009945      

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    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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