• The Greatest Hoax – When Climate Perception Becomes Reality

    March 11, 2012 3:46 pm 17 comments
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  • “My point is, God’s still up there. The arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what He is doing in the climate is to me outrageous.” – Senator James Inhofe

    Like the thickness of a ‘wooly bear’ caterpillar, The Farmer’s Almanac used to be the reference of choice for climate prediction. Somewhere in the fine print of the 2000 Farmer’s Almanac is a prediction of the coming millennium. Basically it says one can expect an increase in the number and frequency of confrontations stemming from “tribal versus technological” climate perspectives. Reading this in December of 1999 one might pause, but give the passage little significance because all the mainframe computers were going to die sending the world into a spiraling maelstrom of data doom come January 1. Common sense prevailed then and it will prevail today, because both are lies.

    “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future” by Senator James Inhofe is a conservative common sense standpoint on the climate debate. Senator Inhofe weaves a semi-autobiographical account of his early years as a developer wading through the muck of government oversight, trying to move a fire escape because it ruins the look of a pretty building and his statue worthy efforts as Oklahoma’s Julian Assange ‘OkieLeaks’ of his day by exposing the protected names on a Discharge Petition to bring a bill to the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He lets the reader know with a wink how it is okay to break rules and use subterfuge when a person is right and has God on his side.

    Inhofe’s prose is layered with all the prancing ponies and dog whistles we expect. Vice President Al Gore is portrayed as a corpulent gypsy dancing the seven veils of greenhouse gases while greasy Democrats pick the pockets of a salivating public that really likes those singing penguin movies. Obama and the government want you driving a tiny soundless clown car while they laugh and toss money in the air like a flower girl on crack for one clear and diabolical reason. It is a reason that is abhorrent to all true conservationists like Inhofe.

    The purpose of the climate change controversy is to make money for the Hollywood types and fund the Democrat cause while eliminating the middle class. Books, movies and so many ‘politically correct’ thinkers depend on the unwitting populous to fund green initiatives like using feckless ‘green’ detergents, environmentally friendly packaging, and (gag) recycling while the garbage man, truck driver hauling caustic chemicals for detergents or the lumber jack that harvests trees is out of work. The money to be made drilling in Inhofe’s home state becomes less lucrative when everyone drives an electric car. One really has to ask who this green movement benefits.

    “Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream. If you control carbon, you control life.” – smart fellow, MIT climate scientist, Richard Lindzen

    The Senator lets the reader know that conservative and conservation have the same root word. He likes turtles for pity’s sake! Inhofe seats himself squarely on the side of the angels. The Obama administration (as well as all Democrats) is clearly on the side of Satan and his minions. Inhofe is a “one-man truth squad” and “the most dangerous man on the planet” for exposing the greatest hoax of climate change.

    Folks have really fallen for the environmental impact reasoning that supposedly supports climate change thinking. In some ways the reasoning is more diabolical than the imaginary problem it tries to support. In coal country, like West Virginia, some brave attorneys addressed the ‘green movement’ centered report that links an increase in birth defects with mountain top removal mining techniques. The birth defects were obviously due to inbreeding, not environmental toxins. It’s West Virginia, people! Sometimes the most obvious reason is true.

    If we are ever to return to the high levels of production like we experienced in the United States during the two terms of President George W. Bush, we need to reject these climate change money makers, drive the biggest car we can afford, increase our carbon footprints and understand that our environment is governed not by man, but is in the domain of God.

    A single flap of a butterfly’s wings cannot cause a hurricane. Milkweed is disappearing, making the green reasoning obsolete. We could poison all the butterflies, yet we still will have hurricanes and deadly tornadoes. At some point it is time to abandon this ‘man is the root of all bad things that happen’ and accept that the weather is out of our control.

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