• The Hunger Games: A Barbaric Socialist Saga of Impending Obama-Sanctioned Doom

    March 21, 2012 12:02 pm 203 comments
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  • Every so often, a radical pseudo-intellectual decides to write about some problem they have with America, making great use of tactics such as hyperbole, perjury and hypnotism. George Orwell’s 1984, radical commie propaganda, designed to denigrate Watergate. Marx, radical commie propaganda, designed to denigrate capitalism. Harry Potter, radical commie propaganda, designed to denigrate Christianity. It seems that the liberal media constantly needs some sort of pessimistic book to rely on for their practices of emotional manipulation. Evidently, considering the recent end to the Harry Potter series, the liberals need their thirst for paranoia to be quenched.


    The Hunger Games is a book designed to slander competition. Of course, competition is good and without competition, we’d be a depressed, socialist tree-hugging world. We need to compete with our friends in regards to our piety so that we don’t suddenly just drift away from Jesus. The free market economy is designed so that American companies can succeed without having to worry about those commie fascists invading the system. But The Hunger Games wants that to change. The Hunger Games hates America, and here’s why.

    But first, let’s look into just what this book is. This is a series of three books: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingbird. It is a story about Katniss Everdeen, a young lady raised in a hippie commune in a post-partisan America, full of bleakness and lies. Already, we can see the clearly biased premise. Katniss’s sister, Rimrose, whose name is a reference to rim jobs (a graphic gay sex manuever), is chosen for “The Hunger Games”, a fight to the death. Katniss decides that Rimrose is too delicate for the challenge, and takes her place. Occasionally Katniss is at risk of succumbing to the alluring young men she competes against, but her intimidating gender nonconformity leads her to reject her role as a woman. It is suggested by her actions that she has transvestite tendencies, and this is quite disturbing considering the fact that The Hunger Games is a children’s book.


    This raises another question, why women are even allowed to compete in this when there are clearly more suitable things for them to do, but the book does not address this. Katniss is an intense and abrasive young lady, a sign that she was not properly raised by a nuclear family, but again, the book seems to glorify this fact. Indeed, Katniss was raised by a single mother because her father died of wimpiness. The radical feminist agenda in this book is absolutely absurd. The enemy and supposed villain of the series, is about as fond of Katniss as I. President Snow is a strong, Republican leader-the kind a society like that would need to get back on track, but he is shamed by the populace, left rejected in the cold by the hostile left-wingers of this insane dystopia.

    Essentially, these books, and the upcoming film, are like a grittier My Little Pony, glorifying nonconformity, socialism and rebellion in a society deemed unfavorable. The competitions, which are broadcasted throughout America, via television, are treated as if they are some sort of monstrous being coming to destroy the land. How is this at all in favor of the American spirit? By their own admission, the liberals love Darwin, who admitted that we are based upon survival of the fittest. These people are so far left that they consider Darwin to be too politically incorrect. Life is survival of the fittest. The current presidential election. Work. The American dream. The Hunger Games hates the American mentality, and probably wishes that we all lived in commie communes and rode rainbows to work while Lady GaGa and Skrillex emit Satanic prayer music from their lady holes while Barack Hussein Obama’s image is permanently etched into the stars. This is the message being sent to our children. The Hunger Games has been recruiting youth into its cult, and seems to be on some sort of intense mission to destroy all that is good in America. When this film is released in theaters, I implore you to avoid it at all costs. When you go to your local Barnes and Noble to pick up the latest Glenn Beck book or the Christwire handbook, I suggest you take every copy of a Hunger Games book and flush them down the toilets in the store. The Hunger Games is extremely dangerous and must be stopped.

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