• The Hunger Games: The Next Big Emosexual Threat To America

    March 23, 2012 1:17 am 218 comments
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    If you have been following my writing over the last year you know that I have struggled to bring the threat of emosexuals to the fore front. These teens are one of the biggest threats to America and the world. And one of the biggest threats to teens who are in danger of becoming emosexuals are the twilight movies. But soon there will be a new threat to American teens. This threat is known as “The Hunger Games”.

    The Hunger Games is a book series that has already turned millions of young teens into godless, Satan worshiping, drug abusing, parent disrespecting sodomites and whorelots. But now the Devil Diddlers of Hollywood has decided to try to ruin the remainder of America’s youth by bringing the series to the big screen. That’s right, if you thought sparkly vampires and werewolves double teaming poor young girls in woodland sexual conquest was bad enough then be shocked that the depths of movie culture has not hit yet hit the sinful bottom.

    If you’re a decent American you’re probably wondering “what in the world is The Hunger Games”?

    It was originally a book series written by Suzanne Collins, and published in 2008. She says that she was watching the invasion of Iraq and was so turned off by the thought of brave American soldiers giving all that they were to bring freedom to those sad muslim people that she then turned the channel to a “reality show” and was then inspired by Satan himself to pervert Operation Freedom by turning it into her own sickening tale of youth fighting to the death.

    Her story takes place in a sick twisted future where America no longer exists. Instead there is some “capital City” out west that has 12 Districts known as Panem, that pay tribute to the city. Sounds like big government Washington to me. There was once a 13th District that rose up against the Capital City and was destroyed. To put the remaining Districts in their place the destricts are required to send a teenager to compete in a battle to the death. No doubt self styled emosexuals will see this as bullying. While these teens fight to the death in their little tournement it is televised to people of the city and even sponsored. Wealthy elite of the city can
    even send gifts to the competitors.

    This is where the main part of the story comes in. A teenaged girl named Kat Niss decides to volunteer for these games for her little sister that has properly been chosen. One of the other players is peeter who is in love with kat Niss. But she uses the boys love for her against him and uses the popular sentiment from the people of the capital to gain money,gifts and weopons to kill the other competitors. After she is done using Peeter she meets a young girl named Rue that she takes advantage of and then has murdered.

    cold blooded killer

    Cold blooded killer

    The whole movie is a non stop primer for how to teach young girls to become vile emosexual sluts that use everyone around them. But even more at the heart of this movie is an un-American sense of liberalist idealogy that is trying to teach kids that you should defy the will of the state and popular opinion. This is what the emosexual threat is at it’s heart. It is people bucking social norms and the American Ideal. It teaches kids that they should dress differently, think differently and take advantage of anyone in their way. This is contrary to the teachings of Christ and of this nation. I urge you all to avoid this horrible movie, but more importantly keep your kids away from it.

    The author has already sold 3 Million copies of her book and that is not even counting the 1 Million Kindle ebooks or the other countless other electronic versions out there. Suzanne Collins has already made millions upon millions of dollars off of you and your children at the cost of their souls. Do not give her more money. Do not give Satan more souls for his demonic army.


     the hunger games 

     This book has already turned countless young women into dirty sluts, just like this young woman.


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