• Titanic Moon – Scientists Now Claim Supership Sank by Greek Super Moon Diety

    March 9, 2012 3:58 am 23 comments
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    After having to sit through hours of Celine Dion whining about ancient, rich old people who shoved 99%-calbire paupers into the steamer gallery for the sake of a date, many Americans are shocked to learn today it was not pilot error that sank the Titanic. It was the moon. Yes, the moon.

    As an asteroid continues to hurtle towards Earth, we have not reached the moon since the 60s and we still don’t have fully fuel efficient cars, it’s great to know that some scientists are still trying to ‘figure out’ what sank the Titanic.

    Although to date common knowledge dictated a collision with a vast tower of ice ultimately brought the passenger liner to its sticky end, it was a freak lunar event three months earlier that put the obstacle in its path, a new study claims.  But we must remember, a secret Greek cult has long been infiltrated into our NASA and the symbology, constellation studies and star charting is largely the work of pagan mystics who consider themselves ‘united’ against Zeus.

    In ancient Greek mythology, those who stood against Zeus were called the Titans.  NASA has already claimed they want to make the Titan moon the new Earth

    I’m still not fully convinced Pluto has lost planetship status and now these liberal Ya-hoos are trying to convince us that the moon was somehow to blame for sinking the Titanic.   In Greek mythology, Pluto was notorious for badmouthing Zeus.  I don’t understand how these ‘scientists’ are calling this empiricism, how they keep worshiping all these fake atheist gods and wasting our tax dollars on all this ‘observation’.

    Here’s the real secret of this report.  Scientists are trying to paint this up, saying that a ‘rare and unexplained’ astromonical occurance happened on the night the Titanic sank.  They are claiming the Saturn’s moon of Titan had a moonflare, which caused Earth’s moon to shoot magnet rays into the oceans and cause such high tides, that even icebergs were invisible.

    If that is not bogus enough, they are claiming the Greek Titans, locked up by Zeus in the moons, are responsible for that surge of energy.  They are trying to convince the 99%, subliminally, that the Greek Titans stand up for them and against rich people

    To make it simple for the thick skulled, NASA is now claiming that Greek anti-gods named The Titans used their power to shoot energy from the moon to sink the Titanic.  They are using this propaganda to make poor people more liberal elite friendly!

    I was wondering why NASA suddendy had no more money for shuttles and now we can correctly assume it’s so they can go to their space Mecca of Titan and do all sorts of pagan nastiness.

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