• Unconstitutional – New Black Panther Party Puts 10,000 Reward Bounty out for George Zimmerman, Alleged Trayvon Martin Shooter

    March 25, 2012 2:13 pm 24 comments
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  • America is a land of law and justice, but it seems some people do not recognize this fact. Look at this poster at left! It is allegedly calling for vigilante hooliganism that has no place in America!

    The New Black Panthers is a scary group that wears black hoodies at night and makes posters like the one you see at left.  When I first heard about this on Fox News, I could not believe this was happening in my America.

    The New Blank Panther Party is allegedly offering $10,000 on George Zimmerman.  Outrage!  This is not American justice, this is not how the law works!  Where did the blacks even get $10,000?

    George Zimmerman has been accused of shooting a young teenager named Trayvon Martin.  We must remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so why is everyone calling for George Zimmerman’s head on a platter in trial or even worse!  This is outrage and the typical double standard that the radical left is known for.

    America, we cannot take the law into our own hand like this.  This is simply unacceptable.  This man was simply standing his ground, was he not?  If he was truly a criminal, then why is he not in jail yet!

    This is not the America George Washington dreamt.  This is not the dream of our good Republican leader Martin Luther King, Jr.  This is outrage and racial warfare in the making!  Let us not go down this path.  Let us, give George Zimmerman and break and let the peace of our reasoned legal process take order.  Let us just all quiet down and let this one slip in a court and pay more attention to the upcoming elections.  We cannot get all worked up all over this, it’s just not going well.  Let’s all just turn away and let this thing peacefully resolve itself.  Doesn’t that sound like a better idea?

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