• Vladmir Putin Wins Russian Elections, Celebrates with Milksack “Putinettes” As He Declares Self President for Life

    March 5, 2012 6:03 am Comments Off
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    Strongman Putin’s campaign of marching around in Siberia without a shirt, wrestling tigers with one hand while ogling his milk maiden ‘Putinettes’ with the other has paid off. Last night, the people of Russia voted by a 60% margin to allow Vladmir Putin to be the Russian president “for life”.

    This startling news stands in sharp contrast with US president George Washington’s dictations for the world. Washington warned that every nation must have Democratic elections and that allowing a person to rule for life is bad.

    Since America’s Declaration of Independence for all people, all relevant countries in the UN have obeyed until this point in time. Britain has given up allowing their ‘royal family’ to rule the world, because America demanded it. Germany bowed down and no longer has a Fuhrer, because America told them so.

    Even the USSR formally gave up communism at the command of America. But now, Putin is starting down a new path to darkness. Putin will begin to consolidate power, reaffirm communism and try to make Russia to America in power. Can the world really handle the presence of Soviet Russia again, in this time of turmoil?

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