• Wannabe Director Spike Lee Admits he is an Ass and an Idiot

    March 28, 2012 7:34 pm 21 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)—Often known as the only black man who can’t dunk, director Spike Lee this week took to twitter to take the law into his own hands.

    According to globalgrind.com Spike Lee re-tweeted what he though was to be the real house street address of George Zimmerman.

    George Zimmerman, the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman who shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, a month ago, has been keeping a low profile. He is in hiding after reportedly receiving several death threats.

    Spike Lee’s tweet went out to over 200,000 of his direct followers and countless more through re-tweets. The tweet was obviously an invitation for people to do harm to Mr. Zimmerman, and is especially conspicuous considering that the New Black Panther has a reward out for his death.

    While Spike Lee’s actions were irresponsible and possibly illegal, they turned out to be very incorrect. It turns out the address he tweeted was not the address George Zimmerman but is the residence of David McClain, 72, and his wife Elaine, 70.

    According to the website The smoking Gun, the couple is living in fear since their address was linked to the Trayvon Martin shooting:

    In an interview tonight, Elaine McClain told TSG that she and her husband were “afraid” due to the online linking of her address to Zimmerman. “We’re keeping everything locked,” she said. McClain added that the couple was particularly unnerved by a letter mailed to them at their home. On the envelope, she said, were printed the words “Taste The Rainbow,” the slogan for Skittles. Martin was carrying a pack of Skittles and a can of ice tea when he was gunned down by Zimmerman.
    McClain said her husband returned the envelope unopened to the post office.

    Ms. McClain also remarked,

    “Maybe we should get a lawyer and send a cease and desist letter to Spike Lee.”

    You can see an image of the tweet Here.

    Spike Lee is a coward and should be ashamed of his little short self.

    Other internet comments about Spike Lee’s tweet.

    Lee is a race baiter like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama. ACORN, the Black Panthers are equivalent to a black Klan group.

    Mr. Lee needs a visit by a Navy Seal Team

    The Southern Poverty law group actually has TNBPs listed as a hate terrorist group.

    Have you read Spike Lee’s twitter. It is hate to the nth power. He is not protecting anyone when he tweets an elderly couples address to an out of control group of people but I am assuming because they are white it is OK. Not hateful at all.
    I see the potential for the largest defamation case in the history of the US brewing from this. It is HIGH time the media and those individuals whom these networks employ that intentionally or thru incompetence spew such destructive half-truths are held accountable for their incompetency and malicious actions. Until this happens, they will continue to act this way with total impunity. Bankrupt the cesspool and force them to employ people of integrity who do the most basic of homework before they incite violence and spread hatred.

    Spike Lee may be wealthy and successful- that is beside the point- he has helped to spread a little bit of hatred around. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on the other hand should be arrested if mr. Zimmernman should be. I didn’t see the Liberal Media attacking them for anti-white and anti-semitic reamarks over the years, or Louis Farrahkan or jeremiah wright and Barack Obama for their contributions to racial seperation and resentment. Do your homework and you will be amazed….the Black panther involvement should tip you off that Bella is not exaggerating.

    The race-baiting community just wants blood. They don’t care about justice or what’s right. They want *desperately* for this to be a hate crime, so they can continue to dismiss every event as racist and pretend that black people are never actually in the wrong. Ever — but especially if an evil white person is involved.
    Also, hats off to the self-hating whites who have jumped to join the reverse-lynch mob. It is clear that racism is still very much alive… anti-white racism.


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