• What Happens if Gay Marriage is Allowed?

    March 31, 2012 2:40 pm 52 comments
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    In a world where we allow gay marriage, less children will be born. You see my friends, gays cannot have children. At least naturally. And that’s because they violate God’s natural order.

    To put it in a simple, scientific diagram:

    Two men or two women joined together in marriage wastes natural resources of the Earth, because they do not put all the time, money, raw goods and energy needed to grow them into an adult into making future, hardworking children for this country. Instead, they hoarde resources for their own little perverted pleasures and do not contribute to the overall good of society.

    If that’s not bad enough, they are dangerous to our existing children. Gays crave what they cannot have: this makes the fertile garden of a housewife, the one-way street backside of a husband, and the pure innocence of our man-woman created children their most savory prey. And of all that pray, it’s our sons who are most at risk.

    If homosexuals want to live a life where they cannot create a child, they deny this gift they could have, then what on Earth do they want with our children. What is their agenda?

    It is to snatch our sons up, use their innocence up while they are young, and then spit out another gay when he comes of age. It’s a sick thing and the following commercial is something every father should watch with his son. Even let the women in on this one. This is what happens in an America where gay marriage is allowed. Hopefully this powerful commercial will reach out and touch some hearts today, giving knowledge that can keep everyone safe.

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