• When Jesus Christ Calls, Will You Be Ready to Answer?

    March 4, 2012 1:02 am 7 comments
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    The Bible Says:

    Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. – Revelation 16:15

    Oh dear friends, these are truly cruel days. Evil hours. The hour of darkness draws nigh and the time shall come when God calls everyone up to be judged innocent for heaven or marinated in sin, ready to combust in the highest fryers of hell’s eternal kitchen of searing damnation and spicy destruction.

    Sous Chef Satan thinks it is all fun and games, sitting back and watching each and every one of you. You’re potential ingredients for his eternal gumbo of suffering. 5 batches of howling homosexuals and a dash of abortion-toking atheist afficiandos are his stock ingredients. A sprinkling of Arab terror jihadists and minced Asiatic perverts he plans to put the kick in hell. But beyond all these sinners there is one ingredient he and his demons crave most: you, the innocent and potentially good person.

    No matter how far we may have dug ourselves in sin, we can always dig our way back out. The key? Opening your mind and heart to Jesus. There is no sin too big to be forgiven, for Christ died on Calvary so that we may approach God and ask forgiveness for all the wrong that we do. We just have to do it in good conscience and good heart.

    Some may laugh at me and my faith, but that’s alright. Christ was spat upon. He was laughed at. And yet, beyond all that, he asked those who tortured his flesh form to be forgiven. If Christ, who is so far above us in every way possible, would subject himself to the foolish damnations of humans and suffer what we see as humiliation, then ask forgiveness, then what right do any of us have to complain when God offers forgiveness and salvation for anyone we brand a sinner in our lives.

    Many of you may have your vices: alcohol. Homosexuality. Wanton carnality. In my younger years, I was ruled by an alcoholic demon. But in finding faith and one day, opening my heart to Christ, I was able to give it up the bottle and become the fine man I am today. The secret: I opened my heart to Christ. When he called for me, now, I answered and listened to his message of love and salvation. I was able to beat my demon with the help of Christ.

    When Christ calls for you, will you be ready? If you want to give him a chance, pray. Pray for whatever plagues you in your life: maybe it is home struggles. Maybe a cheating spouse or marital issues. The kids just are out of control and in the brink of a dangerous fall. Pray and ask for guidance, especially if you are not of faith. Do not expect a movie miracle, but expect a change to come over you. Faith that life will have its ups and downs, but in the end, all will turn out alright and you will receive blessings more than you could ever know.

    When Christ calls, will you be ready to answer?

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