• Who Is Michonne And Why Is She The Greatest Threat to My Daughter’s Soul? (Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Online Now)

    March 20, 2012 1:25 am 39 comments
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  • Dressed in a forboding Gothic cloak, the innate whoreness of Michonne is revealed by her chained slave fetish and insisteance on wearing all black prostitute’s clothing.

    Michonne is a lesbian zombie dominatrix prostitute who believes in slavery.  She is also the new heroine on the dismal children’s television show, the Walking Dead.

    During the season finale of The Walking Dead, Michonne showed up wielding fantasy swords and wearing a hideous black veiled cloak.  The music that played when she entered was none other than a spawn demon song by the dark ritual band The Black Veiled Briders.  Michonne is supposed to be the dark, demon spirit of that band, in the flesh.

    This character straddled the cute blonde female women dominatrix style and forced her to do unnatural things on camera.  Michonne also carries the baby of the murdered Christian on the show, Dale.

    fRCXq The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Episode 13 Spoilers and Review Online Now (Spoilers S2E13)
    Michonne reveals that underneath her black veiled cloak, she is an undead zombie whore. Michonne is supposed to be a power character on the show, one who will make all the young girls watching this filth want to act like her. Do you really want your daughter to grow up to be a lifeless, diseased prostitute who puts her rotting ovaries upon a terrified old man and leads armless black slaves around wooded areas?

    The only thing really worse than Michonne’s lesbianism and devotion to the perverted is her racism.

    In her opening scene in the Walking Dead, Michonne has capture two Afro-zombies and has cut off their arms and one of their foots.  This reminds me of what ol’ massuh did to that Kunta Burton in Roots!
    In the back of mind, I always knew there was some racial Democrat undertones to this show — with how they never give that T-dog boy more than three lines and always making him do hard labor.
    But when Michonne showed up like the heroine of the ages with her two black slaves on chains, I can see The Walking Dead is probably written by Charlie Manson and he thinks this is what Helter Skelter is going to be like.
    Wait till next season, I bet they end up in a prison and a long haired deceptor is king.  So sad.  Parents, seriously, do not let your children watch this bred filthy show.


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