• Why Michelle Duggar Should Be The Next President

    March 6, 2012 5:30 am 19 comments
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  • By Mark E. Figs

    An enthusiastic leader, full of charm, grace, strength and heterosexuality; powerful enough to terminate life and gentle enough to nurture it. If these qualities were combined on paper, you’d tremble before the realization that you found the perfect combination of traits.

    You’d think one was designing a comic book super hero.

    But this is no fictional superhero, nor a denizen of some boring graphic novel – no this is a real life superhero, and the person whom I believe should be the next president of the United States,

    Michelle Duggar.

    While Rick Santorum is a fantastic candidate and more than qualified option to lead the United States away from the whore-mongering, filth-filled future that it is heading towards under Supreme Chancellor of the United African States of Communism Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Duggar possess a certain bankability about her that would appeal to the millions of child-rearing vessels across the country.

    The female demographic has fast grown to be one of the most influential sectors of the political process, and rather than continue the fine tradition of relegating woman to house work and child producing, Christians should embrace it and use it to their advantage to help usher in Michelle Duggar and a new era of purity in order to build a Christian utopia.

    With Michelle Duggar we already know what we’re getting – a no-nonsense, pure mother with a hardline stance against gay homosexual breeding/marriage with an emphasis on promoting other beautiful conservative Christian values.

    There would be no homo adopting, no corruption of society, no ruining of children’s lifes. Her policy towards homos and gay homo marriage would obviously mirror her personal beliefs, that man and a woman are solely meant to be married in order to reproduce – and I’ll be darned if she doesn’t have the cutest little god-fearing brood running around.

    Mexicans and other illegal Hispanic criminals would be deterred from entering the United States, to traffic guns and kidnap children because of the large, heavily manned security fence that Duggar would no doubt erect. Our Christian society deserves to be full of pure, god-fearing blood, where people with names like Joe Bob can marry girls named Melinda Rae, and produce a healthy stock of fair-featured, uniform missionaries for Christ.

    Imagine an America where families actively attempt to create legions of beautiful Christian children, litters of valiant Christian soldiers, where our youths can work hard and not worry about the ramifications or burden of receiving a college education, and rather focus on the more important things – like fortifying our economy through hands-on work and job creation, breeding children for Christ and most importantly eliminating the homosexual influence.

    I urge you to consider Michelle Duggar as your candidate.

    If you really love America as much as Jesus loves his family, you’ll elect Michelle Duggar – a mother, wife, princess, and future President of The United States of America

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