• 10 New Photos of Emma Watson as Devilwhore

    April 15, 2012 2:21 am 122 comments
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    As I have scientifically proven, Emma Watson was turned to devilwhore by JTK Tolkien’s demon film Harry Potter. If you need to see the evidence, here you go. 100 Pictures that shows the Satanic trasnformation from acting in blood oath movies.

    For parents who say dressing in witchy black clothings of leather corsets, Trippy pants and gothy death metal spikes is just a phase, please realize that Emma Watson is now 30-years-old and still dress like a flussy!

    In this image, Emma Watson is calling her drug pimp and offering her British poundcake for a snort of  Uncle Tweety’s Liquid LSD.   You can tell she is shooting up IVs and partaking in Tolkien vampire blood ritual from her pale skin.  How sick?  I bet there are all sorts of disease circulating in that Vitamin D deprived bosoms.View this image ›

    Source: l.yimg.com
    Here we see Emma Watson exposing her thigh flesh so people will be tempted to demonwhack the Satan Scepter until liquid DNA is released, and while saying Satanic chants as the moment of genocidal release takes place.  Look at those Arabic sandals on her feet?  Maybe she has let Obama dip his chocolate terror bisque into her creamly vanilla sink hole.  On the table you can see the Starbacks drink X3, the very same ecstasy enriched drink that the dubstepper Skrillex uses before every one of his raves.View this image ›

    Poor Emma Watson is so blitzkrieged here that she has no temperature control.  She has on a giant powder sniffer’s coat and yet is wearing flesh exposing leggings.  Again look at the parlor to her skin.  It is like she can an extra on the Walking Dead, but she still is flaunting her stuff so she can force some poor, unsuspecting man to become confused, stiffened with sin and to plow her death zone.View this image ›

    Lesbianism.  Here we see Moaning Myrtle and Emma Watson revealing that they’re no strangers to broomstick lesbianism.View this image ›

    The rarely seen squatting poopy squat pose.  The poopy squat pose is done by celebrities to trick normal men and daintier ones into focusing on the gluteals  It’s sad the pose can send gays scratching and clawling like a cat in heat.For everyone tattoo a woman has on her lower back, assume she’s slept with over 10 men.  Women with lower back tattoos usually expert practioners of colon coddling and have the libido of Tiger Wood’s playing a horny jack rabbit in mediocre Adam Sandler comedy.

    View this image ›

    If she were my daughter, dressed in public like a common harley, I’d throw her over my lap and spank her until she said Uncle!  What a temptress!  How many young men are going to be corrupted by this?  I can only bet that while she studied at brown, she tempted all sorts of men to visit her brown sindock port!  I only hate to think of the fathers who had to go through the fear of her popping out children and forcing them to pay child support while she sits lazy at home. View this image ›

    In this image, she’s teasing of the chest.View this image ›

    In this image, Emma continues to chug X3 (liquid ecstasy) and you can see it’s going right to her thighs.  For some reason she’s also stolen a bunch of handbags and she probably has developed a clepto disease like her idol Lindsay Lohan.  It doesn’t matter, the pimp she is calling only cares she’s dressed up for a night on the town.View this image ›

    Source: i.imgur.com
    Here Emma Watson has taken the red pill and flown all the way back to the 90s with the Wachoswki brothers.  No matter what day and age, no matter how many villain’s capes you where, if your profession is profesional leg gapper, you’re not going to deviate to o far.View this image ›

    Emma Watson is making the classic “But I poop from there” reaction to the Asian gentleman’s proposition to have bamboo time with her non-pregnancy port.
    As she realizes she has to keep her Chinese investors happy, she gets double sad as a bus full of college matriculants gets packed up by their counselor when they found Emma Watson was offering his flesh on campus.  You can see how she reacts when she doesn’t get to trick young men into sin.

    View this image ›

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