• 16 Year Old Atheist Jessica Ahlquist Receives Terrorist Threat Blames Christians!

    April 12, 2012 6:23 pm 104 comments
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  • Evil little thing Jessica Ahlquist promotes hate against Christians


    <chris†wire> Rhode Island teen Jessica Ahlquist, 16 has been the target of various threats on her Twitter and Facebook accounts since she won her lawsuit in January against her high school forcing the removal of a harmless prayer banner from the school’s gymnasium.

    Of course this didn’t win her any Brownie Points with the largely Catholic community where she lives. Ahlquist says she became a heathen when she was 10, and one state lawmaker branded her a… “Evil little thing.”

        Godless heathen Jessica Ahlquist

    Costing her school district a fortune in legal fees it removed the banner thereby ending the appeals process. One more victory in America for the forsaken Godless trash that have taken up their cause across the US attacking Christianity from every angle. When I walk down the street and see a sign for a Mormon Church I laugh knowing well their fate for believing in false profits, but I don’t demand they remove the sign. I just ignore it and go about my business.

    Shame on the courts and shame on Ms. Ahlquist! It’s difficult to fathom that any 16 year old high school student should even have the right to bring such a suit. But this soulless creature strained her school’s finances and forced policy changes that the school and the community did not want.

    Back in my day if some 16 year-old Godless tart opened her mouth too far she’d find herself bent over the principals desk receiving just punishment for her wickedness. Then they’d of thrown her out of school so she could spend the rest of her life working in the fun and exciting fast food or housekeeping industries. Back then we called people like Ms. Ahlquist, losers. People like her always shit in their own nest.

    Arrogant and proud devil worshiper Jessica Ahlquist arrives at school

    However she has received a much more ominous threat one that the US Postal Service delivered to her home. The letter reads…

    The cops will not watch you forever.
    We will get you good.
    Tell your little a*****e sister to watch her back.
    There are many of us, “Crusaders,” we have a better pool going to see who gets you first!
    Your f****n old man better move or keep you locked up if you know whats good for you.
    We know where he works, what kind of cars you have + the plate numbers of the cars.
    Get the f**k out of R.I. you bitchin whore. You are nothing more than a sex-toy of a slut. Maybe you will gang-banged before we throw you out of one of our cars.

    We here at chris†wire do not condone any criminal threat being made. It is offensive and intended to cause terror. Hopefully the author will be identified and arrested. But really what did Jessica and her parents think would happen? Your little girl shamed and desecrated a Christian prayer banner at her school then with her civil suit she nearly bankrupts her school.

    Lawyers shield their client Jessica Ahlquist leaving court

    Who wouldn’t justly be outraged over the damage this one child inflicted upon her classmates, her school and her community not to mention her blasphemy against our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! But the most damning thing this harlot of the night did was to claim the author of the threat letter is a Christian!!!

    Where does it say Christian anywhere in the text of the threat letter? It says “Crusaders” that’s all. Doesn’t the New Black Panthers terrorist group have its crusaders? Does not Donald Trump, the Mormon church and the President of the United States have their crusaders?

    Right now no one has been identified as a suspect in the letter writing incident so how does she know a Christian wrote it? She doesn’t have a clue who wrote it. A Christian didn’t author that letter nor would any God-fearing, descent person. Christians have always been about sharing the gospel and story of Jesus Christ to all who will listen. Christians believe in love, not violence or threats; so who wrote the threat?

    Well plenty of folks in Ms. Ahlquist’s hometown are crying foul, claiming the media grubbing concubine of the devil authored the letter herself in order to gain sympathy and get the TV cameras back on her again. And it worked all to well. She has seduced the liberal media into seeing her as a victim and has received far more attention then she deserves.


    Prayer banner desecrated by heathen

    Is Jessica so smug that she can’t enter the gym and ignore the banner much as I ignore the Mormon church sign? No this arrogant child cannot. She’s all proud of herself being a heathen, she lusts to be in the media spotlight, she relishes in the attention she’s received, meanwhile she rubs her court victory under the noises of every descent person that lives in her community and has forever tarnished her hometown’s good name with this vile, despicable act.

    By the standard set by the court I have the same right as Jessica to demand the Mormons remove the sign in front of their church, and likewise they’d have the right to demand I remove the one in front of my church. The ruling is un-American. As far as Ms. Ahlquist is concerned this entire unnecessary episode is based entirely on a decision she made when she was 10!

    I suggest Ms. Ahlquist get right with God and take a serious look at her salvation. If she continues down the dark lonely path she’s on she will most assuredly burn for eternity in a lake of fire with her Godless friends.

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