• Ann Romney Actually Never Worked a Day in Her Life, Like All Housewives (Hilary Rosen)

    April 12, 2012 10:42 am 30 comments
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  • What upsets me more than feminists, are women who claim sitting at home all day is real work.

    Men, show of hands. How many of you consider your day off work, sitting in your boxers and watching sports, work? Can we get paid for that? Well, if Obama is president for next four years I’m sure eating chicken and beer all day can be considered a fine career worth getting paid for.

    But in my father’s America, sitting on your rear all day, yelling at kids and cooking stuff everyone once in a while is not a job. And who would have thought I’d agree with Democrats today.

      To the left you see Mitt Romney’s trophy wife.  Sure, at first she may look like a good, wholesome Christian woman but don’t forget she is a Mormon.  In her mind, having a harem is something that’s acceptable and American, when we all know harem is a Shariah hadith concept made by no good Mussie extremists.

    And just like Mormonism is the gateway drug to a Muslim lifestyle, letting women say housework is an actual job is the gateway drug to socialism.

    The problem with America right now is that women are lazy and proud.  There used to be a time in this country, where women would work all day in the home, cooking, cleaning, raising the kids, shopping for food and not spending money.  She would wear that nice apron for years and not think she needed to go to Target or Michael’s Crafts to buy a whole bunch of nonsense to ‘spruce up’ the place.

    If the home needed scent, the wife would bake a pie.  No need for expensive wick oils.  Even better, instead of buying expensive, artificial rose Glade scent she would grow her own garden and throw her own flowers in a vase.  Cute and free:  sounds good to me.

    But women of today are needy and whiny.  They think that throwing their legs open one night and popping out a baby 9 months later somehow entitles them to a privileged class of people without a life schedule.  And don’t let your wives trick you, men.  They like hanky panky time just as much as you, so that kid is to be their burden just as much as it burdens your wallet and freedom.

    Back in the 1950s, children were slim and fit.  Husbands were spiff and urbane, relaxed because their women could keep a home fresh, clean and chaste on a budget.  Women in the 1950s did not feel entitled and understood they were privileged to stay home.  Their attitudes helped children understand that having a job is the only true work in America.

    Last night, Hilary Rosen lambasted Mitt Romney for declaring his wife gives him good advice about jobs and the American economy.  First off, can you name a woman who knows how to budget?  Any husband can tell you the same thing: no.  The fact that there is a market for $2000 purses and $500 shoes proves women are idiots when it comes to understanding the value of money.

    And while I do not like Democrats, I have to agree for once with Hilary Rosen.  Ann Romney needs to keep her mouth shut, just like all other housewives.  The reason America has so many lazy people is because women have no more honor.  Instead of seeing keeping a home as a duty, women somehow claim they are worth a maid, a chauffeur, a chef, an on-call medic, a secretary.  The list goes on and it’s ridiculous.  If a housewife is saying she is all these things, feel free to tell her to get up off her butt and go out there, and do those jobs.  It would be a great boost for the home income.

    And then when she is done with her job, she can carry herself back home and get back to home duties.  We’ll see how long she keeps yapping about the real world being a lesser job than sitting around the home all day.

    Ann Romney, admit it. You are married to a Mormon billionaire.  You have no concept of what struggling to keep a home running is all about and have no grasp of what good, hardworking Americans endure every day.  You are privileged and can hire many Mexican or even better Canadian maids if you want.  You can take lavish vacations to your beach home in SoCal and spend cold winter holidays in Nantucket.  You don’t have a job and you can still afford all that stuff.  How?

    Disney Magic?  God makes money rain down on even Mormon women who sit home all day?  No.  Because your husband is an investor and was born with a silver spoon, which he turned into a bigger silver spoon by working.  A real job.  That’s all I have.

    Ann Romney and Mitt Romney, just shut up on this issue.  You’re lucky enough that Santorum had to drop from the race and already, you’re making me not like you.  Admit that women sitting at home are not workers and just as bad as loud mouthed, entitlement seeking feminists in the workplace.

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