• Anne Graham Lotz Brings Message of Christ’s Return to Earth

    April 9, 2012 3:09 am Comments Off on Anne Graham Lotz Brings Message of Christ’s Return to Earth
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    Pat Heinkel

    Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, is a beautiful woman of God. In this wonderful message, Anne Graham Lotz tells us confidenly of the day when Christ will return to Earth, to set all wrongs right and call everyone home to heaven.

    As Easter 2012 passes, it is important to remember that Jesus Christ is for all people. His love, mercy and salvation are not just for Christians already in church: Christ came to redeem the sinner. He came back to Earth so that everyone could have eternal life.

    In our ongoing mission to stay real to Christ in a cruel world, it is easy to lose sight of Christ’s ultimate message: love and forgiveness. Christ did not come to Earth to give everyone an easy-out, carte-blanc to use so that they may sin as they please. But, he came so that the true heart of man could be measured, so that a man could seek to be pure of heart and enter the kingdom of heaven.

    Anne Graham Lotz reminds us of the glory of our Savior.

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