• Are Tattooed Persons More Likely to Rape My Son Or Daughter?

    April 8, 2012 3:28 pm 78 comments
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    Mark E. Figs


    I need to start off this article with a broad proclamation of my faith — JESUS LOVES ME, AND CAN LEARN TO LOVE YOU TOO, IF YOU REPENT.

    I had to preface this article with such a claim, because of the nature of the people whom I’m describing — Tattooed individuals.
    This originally started off as one of my daily devotions, but I took it upon myself to share it with my brothers at Christwire as proof that I am a man who is not without fault — recently my seventeen-year old son, Bobbi Dale, befriended another boy whom we all took an immediate liking too, and we had him over for dinner. I found no fault with Bobbi’s new friend, especially because he helped Bobbi with his academics and didn’t pressure him into trying cigarettes or “poppers.”

     I even read in Bobbi’s diary that he and his new friend had done a variety of experimenting in the locker room — which is of no surprise to me; as a celebrated chemist and recipient of a full-ride Chemistry scholarship to Oral Roberts, I knew Bobbi was willing to have it stuck to him, and work long hours in order to maintain his 4.0 GPA.  But that night, after dinner, I saw something that has stuck to me till this day.

    As Bobbi’s friend was leaving our home, he shared a long embrace with my son. After what seemed to be twenty minutes, his friend left but not before taking off his hooded sweatshirt revealing a large “The Phish” tattoo on his upper-right shoulder blade.
    I prayed for hours as to what I should do. Finally Jesus came inside me, and I begin to write this down.

    So, “Are People with tattoos more likely to rape my son/daughter?”

    The short answer is yes. Since these individuals have no problem with desecrating the temple of God, they have no qualms about sexually forcing themselves upon a child.

    The long answer, for the purpose of this article, takes a look at several factors that contribute to this overwhelming phenomena in which heavily tattooed individuals commit a multitude of crimes and sins against God. How does someone soil the fine Christian traditions laid forth in the Bible, by cutting and staining the most holy of canvases?

    Do drugs — mainly Marijuana — play a role? Do these people suffer from a crippling mental illness that causes them to reject God’s love and grace in lieu of “tattoos?” Are these people undergoing a crisis  which causes them to question their sexual orientation and thus, fill this void with “Tattoos?” Do these people often times have difficulty from abstaining from pre-marital sex with minors?

    The answer to all of these statements is a resounding “Yes.”

    While blasphemizing Christ and destroying God’s most beautiful creation is trespass enough, these “tattooed” people are even more deplorable than once thought. A new statistic released by the Christian Science Foundation for a Better Life indicates that the most serious of these offenses by tattooed persons are rape. Statistics show that 78% of rapists are identified through their tattoos. 78% of tattooed persons are guilty of rape. And those are simply the ones who get caught.

    I weep when I think about Jesus Christ on his heavenly throne, looking down upon the Earth and viewing Hispanic or Black gang members, heavily tattooed with religious imagery, exposing their genitals to children at the local Disney store.

    But what occurs to make people loath themselves so much as to destroy the beautiful canvas which God hath created? What causes a person to snicker with his friends and whisper “I’m an atheist” while smoking cigarillos and receiving tattoos behind the school’s football field? The answer is frightening. More children can recite lyrics of the band “Slipknot” than recite John 3:16.

    Due to my volunteer work at the local drug rehabilitation facility, I was able to compile a list of common factors amongst the numerous “tattooed” persons whom I came in contact with. These factors and characteristics allowed me to provide a brief insight into the psyche of the “tattooed” person. Here are a few reasons people get tattoos —

    1. Hard Drug abuse — a majority of tattooed folks get tattoos for the sole purpose of covering up evidence of them using hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Often times this weakened, drugged mindset will contribute to them getting a “Sailor Jerry” or a “Ed Hardy themed demonic tattoo. It’s proven that 89% of those who have been tattooed have thought about using Marijuana as a recreational drug at one point in their life. Many “tattooed” persons are so heavily drugged, that conversation with them is near impossible.

    2. Low Self Esteem — People often get tattooed because they are horrible human beings who hate everything about themselves. Perhaps a loved one died due to their negligence, or perhaps they were experimenting with Alcohol and hit someone in their motor vehicle — the fact of the matter is, the more depressed a person, the more tattoos they have. These people  see other scummy, low-life individuals who they identify with, adorned with numerous tattoos. They then feel that if they too are tattooed, they will be “Accepted”, welcomed or loved. The sad fact is most Tattoo artists are homosexuals who use tattooing as a twisted way to “self-medicate”. Thus the artistic prowess and varied use of colors in tattoo designs. “Mr. Nice Guy” Freddy Corbin is the most notorious of these closet homosexuals, and is rumored to perform oral sex on his male clientele, in order to “soothe” the pain associated with getting tattooed.

    3.  Gay Homosexuality — It’s a common gay homosexual rite of passage to get a lower back tattoo or a “tramp stamp” (Homosexuals often photograph these tattoos and collect them in a grotesque manner to “document” all of their disease-filled exploits). 12 out of every 14 gay men have a tattoo on their back. Well known closet homosexual “Katt Daddy” from the History Channel’s “Mudcats” program has a large tattoo that reads “Katt Daddy” on his back as a friendly reminder to all the homo’s who have sex with him that he is in fact, a “Katt Daddy.”

    4. A Lack of Strong Moral Integrity and Ethics — This begins at home. Perhaps parents of tattooed individuals need to take a step back and examine the lack of parenting they are guilty of. Listening to rock music, drinking wine and other spirits and excessive use of social media are all clear-cut warnings that one is not fit to be a parent. A clear revamping in the parental strategy is necessary for these type of parents, who should be ashamed that they procreated.

    5. Poverty — Tattooed individuals often use their sick art as a way to advertise their bodies and services. For example, a person with a  “tribal” tattoo indicates that they are seeking savage, unprohibited sex, with a member of the same sex. A nautical star tattoo broadcasts that one is sexually promiscuous, and has drugs available for purchase. Prominent rapper “Soldier Boy” is covered in tattoos, most of them indicating that he is a bi-sexual who abuses drugs and flaunts wealth.

    Reading the Bible every night with your family provides the strengthening necessary for willful devotion to the Lord’s word and practices. Sinful families often forget the daily Bible read and prayer, and thus are more likely to tailspin into a lifetime of inequity.

    Don’t let missed child support payments of unpaid mortgages force you into destroying your body. The Lord, our God created our flesh in his image, and the last time I checked, MY Lord and God didn’t look like a fat, meth-addicted biker clad in Harley-Davidson gear with a plethora of “dildoes” adorning his pink colored “chopper.”


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