• Are There Too Many Jews in Hollywood?

    April 1, 2012 2:24 am 21 comments
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  • As a Christian and a patriot, I wish to make a very modest proposal about the spirit of American culture today. But first let me state something unequivocally: In no way do I endorse bigotry or racism. The Jewish people are an important garnish in the melting pot that is our national character. The Bible teaches us that the nation of Israel has a vital role to play in the triumph of our faith. The Jews have long supported a muscular foreign policy, particularly in the face of the heinous Muslim dictatorships of the Middle East. They are dedicated caretakers of the Christian Holy Lands. Here at home, the deeply orthodox amongst them are necessary allies in the battle against radical liberalism and the homosexual lifestyle.

    Yet we do have a Jewish problem in our cultural scene. We no longer live in an epoch where our military superiority can define the global debate. Our planet has become far more complex and interconnected. We speak not to leaders, but through the internet, directly to the citizens of the troubled nations of the world. America’s most profound invention has been its media, which tells the story not just of democracy and capitalism, but also of liberty and morality. Our greatest export has become our greatest weapon against socialism, paganism and perversion. Movies and television help turn foreign struggling peoples to the light of our manifest national promise, and ultimately to the light of our faith.

    jews in hollywoodWhen it comes to the American dream, many Jews have done great things to help our march of economic progress. They are an industrious, clever people, quick to innovate and handy with calculations. I love the Jews for their dedication to their children and their adoration of their mothers. Indeed, I count a sum of Jews among my friends. We should remember that most of those of the Hebrew faith are just like you and me– short and tall, fat and thin, hairy and even more hairy! Just joking, but did I mention that the Jews have a fabulous sense of humor? It is an ethnic characteristic for which they are very famous. When they’re not being mawkish or bellicose, our Jewish brothers and sisters are some of the most delightful entertainers around.

    The United States today is wafting in the foul stench of divisiveness. We see this in the halls of Congress. We see this in our hometowns and colleges. We even witness this in our sports arenas where affirmative action has given certain minority groups an ill-advised monopoly. When we look to Hollywood, we see a dominance that goes beyond the fairness, the equality and the liberty that is the hallmark of the American dream. This is not an indictment of the Jews in particular. If any other minority group dominated such a crucial slice of our nation, I would not hesitate to call them out as well.

    Again, I love and respect the Jews but I fear their stranglehold on Hollywood comes with grave risks. Their instinctive sense of the creative arts does not fully reflect the grandeur of the American spirit. There is something awkward and claustrophobic about Jewish entertainment. It looks inward instead of outward, to the bodily distractions rather than to the skies where the fullness of hopefulness resides. It’s much too desperate to win. It’s arriviste and showy instead of dignified and comfortable (think Jersey Shore versus The Rockford Files). Their humor is slapstick and schmaltzy, brash and histrionic. Emotion runs high, their color schemes are garish and their women are so quickly erratic. They have a psychopathic obsession with approaching the camera lens up close, begging for your paternalistic approval. It is that pathetic demand for attention that I find off-putting and desperate. Frankly, Jews make many people uncomfortable with their shlocky antics.

    jews in hollywoodThe Jewish comedy series Seinfeld was very famous for many years. It reflected the selfish nihilism of the 1990s with utter precision and today it is a sad artifact of artistry without soul. This is the unfortunate fate of so much of Hebrew creativity in America. Jon Stewart, one of the most popular Jewish entertainers on Cable, performs with a loud yapping absurdity that is straight out of the Catskills of the 1950s. His meshuggener shtick is archaic. Who but the most self-obsessed find this man relatable? Others, like comedian Sarah Silverman and novelist Gary Shteyngart, have not evolved from the Charlie Chaplin school of juvenile pranks. Jerry Springer, one of the most successful daytime talk show hosts on syndicated television, captures the Jewish conundrum of creativity perfectly. He is a deft, artful man but he finds profit in the most debased realms of humanity. Like a rag picker, he digs through the garbage of our culture with cretinous delight. His victory is nothing more than our deepest shame. Is it worth it, America?

    jews in hollywoodThe worst Jewish comedy is confusing in that odd way that makes one feel socially uncomfortable. So many of their jokes reference strange German pastimes, authors unheard of for centuries and even sexual acts that fall far outside the realm of normalcy. In fact, the fixation on ejaculation is another questionable trait of Hebrew comedy. Lenny Bruce, Buddy Hackett, Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler easily come to mind. There is a disturbing focus on the phallus, on performance anxiety and on the voluptuousness of female breasts. This unseemly trifecta is then delivered by the elderly or actors barely in their teens, which makes one think that Jews of all ages are unnaturally sexually obsessed.

    For those in the heartland, Jewish intellectualism is simply too irrational. Obscurantism is its greatest fault. Entertainment should sparkle with clarity. It should be comprehensible and authentic. Instead, Semitic trends from the likes of Woody Allen and J.J. Abrams are implausibly academic. It is gaudy elitism for the faux elitists. Often, their supposedly sublime endeavors are little more than bad taste laden with a degree of unwarranted pretentiousness. Behind the charity work and Twittering, it seems as if every actor and performer today is really just attempting to get rich building a cult of personality. This spiritually vacant pursuit is best exemplified by the sad hucksterism of Bill Maher, a pisher relentless about his own career failure. His work has no gravitas in middle America because the man himself has neither passion or hope to any degree that would feel genuine to us.

    Why do the majority of our television shows and films suffer from the prison of Jewish creativity? The truth is evident when one reviews the leadership and ownership of the major businesses of Hollywood. It has been stated so many times before there is no point in going into detail here. The truth is that the Jews do own the media business. While I congratulate them on their success, I think there is something unfair and un-American about it. The Jews must learn to share and they must realize that ultimately this is a Christian nation with Christian priorities. Truly, for the sake of our global promise, they need to get with the program and start embracing wholesome, patriotic values in their work. Better yet, now is the perfect time for them to pass the torch to their friends in Christ.

    What would a Christian Hollywood look like? As the faithful of this nation continue to rise up and voice their passion, I am excited to find out!

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