• Atheists Cannot Respect Nature, Because They Cannot Respect He who Created it

    April 24, 2012 1:39 pm 100 comments
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  • If atheists cannot respect the Creator, then how can they respect the Creation?

    When we look around our world and see how animals are being abused, the environment polluted and ecosystems ruined, we have to wonder where did it all go wrong.  When did humans really start to show such callous carelessness to this planet that was fearfully and wonderfully made?

    Psalms 139:14

    14I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

    Fearfully and wonderfully made.  Just look at those words.  God wants us to fear the power of DNA he has placed in us.  He wants us to be in awe of his power and the process of point-forward evolution that started with Adam and Eve naming every animal on this planet, 6,000 years ago.  There was no Big Bang.  There was no endosymbiosis, like that Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Lynne Margoulis hack would have you believe.  There was simply God and the power of his creation.

    Despite all the travesties we’ve committed against natural order, perhaps none is greater than genetic engineering.  If atheists try to claim that they are moral people and that morality does not require Christianity, then ask them one simple question:  why are they destroying creation.  What drives them to do such evil things.

    Here are some examples.

    The God Created Bunny

    This Big...A bunny rabbit.  Its cute nose and hoppy tail have made it a prize cartoon character that all children love.  We have even invited this animal, who fervently practices be fruitful and multiply, to be a symbol of mankind’s greatest holiday:  Easter Sunday.

    Such an animal has a simple purpose in life.  To provide joy and laughter for our hearts.  To provide food when we want a tender, succulent piece of meat or are out to hunt game.

    Such a wonderful creation is this rabbit, but atheist scientists have no respect for the Creator, so they cannot respect the Creation, as you will soon see.




    The Atheist Genetically Engineered Bunny

    Look at the image to the left.  You will notice this bunny is green with radioactivity.  Atheists have used Yellow Cake, the very plutonium Saddam Hussein coveted so he could make nuclear weapons, and mixed it with blue radioactive isotopes of uranium.  We all know yellow and blue make green, and you can see the end result in this radioactive bunny.

    Why would any civilized person be so inhumane and do this to a rabbit?  The answer is because atheists want to play God and prove the ‘power’ of humanity.

    In this image at left, you see the work of a field of genetics called Transgendering.  Like we will see in our example of the armored catfish, atheists are mastering a new process called “Oogenesis”.  Oogenesis is the process of altering the DNA of a species’s genome to the point that a spermatazoan is not needed for fertilization.  In essence, females with genetically engineered oogenesis can give birth to their own offspring.  All the offspring will be female and only carry a XX gene set.

    Called ‘transgenic’ for short, the Alba Bunny (named after Jessica Alba, showing the perversion of the scientists behind this imagining Alba as a lesbian) is visibly lesbian.  The scientists are using phenotype identification, which is why they placed the radioactive uranium isotope in this bunny when it was but a newborn.  To date, the Alba bunny has produced 13,450 viable female offspring who are capable of oogenesis and are green.  Only due to legislation placed by President George W. Bush has this project been kept limited to rabbits and not allowed for experimenation on higher primates.  The end goal is obvious:  to make it so that lesbians can have children.

    The Mouse

    Many people will try to claim that the mouse is nothing but a vermin and pest.  These people are ignorant, because just like every other natural organisim, the mouse was fearfully and wonderfully made.  Through history, mice have preyed on small insects and spiders, helping keep their population levels down to acceptable levels.  Mice help spread grain and keep soil fertilized.  They serve as prey for many animals, even darkly and corruptable creatures such as owls and cats.

    The mouse, when used right, also has moral scientific applications.  From a mouse, we can get a proper idea of how Mendelian genetics work.  Atheists love to claim they invented the concept of genetics, when the truth is the very first strand of DNA was hand crafted by God himself.  It took a Christian pastor, Gregor Mendel, to unravel the initial mysteries of how God’s original plan for mankind to grow more complex as time moves along.  The mouse can quickly and easily show how eye color, skin color and other traits are passed from generation to generation.

    The Atheist Genetically Engineered Mouse Chimera

      Using stem cells to force a mouse to grow a human ear is IMMORAL.  It violates the NATURAL ORDER created by YOUR GOD.  If God wanted mice to have human ears, he would have placed them on the first mouse or set the DNA-ball in motion so that in another 6,000 years, maybe mice would have more complex ears.

    What you see to the right is a mouse chimera.  Scientists with no respect for Creationism have no problems placing human DNA in a mouse.  New studies from China reveal scientists there are causing mice to grow human brains through totipotent stem cells innoculated with undifferentiated human nervous tissue.  Could these mice have human thoughts or consciousness?  Is that a moral question humans have the right to even create?

    To what degree does the end justify the means.  What degree do we stop at:  25% human?  50% human?  75% human?  How much human can we put into an animal before it is GODLESS CREATURE THAT MUST BE BURNED!

    This is not respecting our environment.  Why cry over animals the ASPCA is placing in commercials, when we’re allowing these genetists to be regular Dr. Mengele fans by creating animals such as this.  Look at that poor mouse trying to escape the petri dish, wondering why he is hearing all the strange sounds of chaos through his back.  This is just savage.  Chimeras serve no purpose other than to prove ‘we can make that’.   What arrogance and it will be our undoing if we don’t stop it now.

    The God Created Female Womb

    The female womb is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Its entrance is sacred grounds for the husband, his place to realize his Godly duty of multiplying and taking care of his family.  His passion for his dreams only outdone by the trembling, intense pleasure the womb’s entrance can bring to him at his will.

    Michelle Duggar is a beautiful woman of God.  Look at all the pleasure she has brought her husband, by the power of her womb.

    The cycle of the human life is wonderful, it is spectacular.  And from all of our accomplishments and failures, and triumphs and shame, we can all know that we were all once housed and incubated in the womb of a woman, as God intended.

    The purpose of the womb is simple on the surface:  nourishment.  But when we are in the female’s womb, we have 9 months of meditation.  We subconciously learn that a woman’s purpose is to feed and nurture, to make a home for us.  Michelle Duggar has actively maintained that role and she has been rewarded with a beautiful family, a beautiful home and assurance that when she is of older age, she will have over 20 devoted children seeing to her.  That is the power of family that God has placed in every woman, to be enacted by a man.

    The Atheist Created Female Womb

    Alone and solitary, no husband in her sight.  That is the fate atheists placed upon Octomom when they prescribed her unnatural pills to make her womb ‘super receptive’ to the power of man’s liquid creation.

    God only intended for a woman’s womb to house a respectively fertilized egg of her husband’s doing, but when that process is perverted with ‘fertility drugs’, we see the end result.

    Now with 14 children, the ‘Octomom’ — named so for carrying 8 individually fertilized children at once — she is struggling, and she could be happier.  She deserves to be happier, but she has fallen into the wayward trapping of a science whose practitioners have largely forgot one simple fact:  we have no right to play God.





    The God Created Tree Frog, Sitting on an Orange

    Tree frogs are a fantastic creature.  Did you know that when males want to reproduce, they can croak so loud that females over 20 miles away can hear them?  It is truly a wonderful spectacle of God’s creation and to think, all of this comes from something so minute as DNA.  To date, we cannot create DNA from scratch and we never will be able to do that.

    The orange is a fruit that nourishes us all.  Rich in so many different vitamins and minerals, it is a healthy part of day to day life that God has placed here so that we may remember to be happy, we must always work hard.  This lesson is important as it is man’s duty to provide, as God told Adam when he was kicked from Eden for not keeping Eve in line.

    Two completely seperate creations:  a frog and an orange.  How on Earth could this be corrupted.  Let’s see what may be the most tragic example of human arrogance and disrespect for morality.  This is what happens why you leave the Christian out of Science.

    The Atheist Created Edible Tree Frog Orange

    photo: picedit.blogspot.comNon-Christian geneticists are nefarious if not manipulative.  In 1998, there was a campaign to ‘feed the children of the rainforest’ in South America.  Politicians wanted to use the power of science to create a growable food source that could also give children ‘medicinal foodstuff vaccinations’.

    Republicans lobbied and fought to simply restore the Reagan plan.  We would simply end hunger in South and Central America by arming freedom fighters to overthrow communist oriented terrorists/governments/militia, setup American occupation zones and put the nation’s natural resources under our control, so we could better control the population.  In time, we would be able to dish out food and build shelters for the native.

    Instead of that solid plan, Democrats invoked ‘science’ and a plan to meld an animal genome with that of a plant.  They called this process a modern ‘endosymbiosis’, where an animal phagocyte from a tree frog would be weakened and then allowed to ‘eat’ an orange plant’s reproductive cells.  Through electrolysis and complex conditioning of mitotic spindles, after placing the concoction in a classified serum containing pluripotent bacterial stem cells, researchers were able to create a tree frog with an orange fruit’s skin and juicy insides as muscles.

    With a simple torque of the wrists, a person can unravel these frogs and eat them just like fruit.  The reproductive rate of these frogs are exponential and in 10 years, it’s estimated that the frogs can be innoculated with vaccines such as measles, mumps and rubella.  They can pass the ‘immunity’ to their offspring, meaning that any kid who finds one of these frogs hopping around and eats it, just like you might pluck an orange of a tree, will be in effect getting those shots.


    It is torture to the frogs and if homosexuality is a crime that leads to hell, then what do you think God feels when he sees us mating frogs with oranges!  This is all madness!  The end never justifies the means, my friends!  The field of genetics must be ruled by Christian morality, or the horrors you see above will only be the tip of the iceberg.  The human genome has been unlocked:  how long before scientists propose something like edible human pig chimeras or surrogate dolphin mothers that are capable of mating?  Don’t be shocked when you see it, because the age of immoral GATTACA is upon us now, and let me tell you friends, Satan’s fingers are sticky with sin right now because we’ve opened up nature’s TATA Box and have let him thrust immorality within.

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