• Atheists Invent 150 Pound Godzillus Fossil, Now Trying to Claim Godzilla Was Real

    April 27, 2012 1:11 am 99 comments
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  • Atheists are now trying to claim that Godzilla actually existed, announce they have discovered the “Godzillus Fossil”.  Plan to reveal fossil at Dinosaur Exhibit in Topeka, KS.

    Only a week after they were busted for creating the armored catfish that’s now mauling grown men and destroying Florida’s ecosystem, atheist scientists are continuing their march of madness.

    Before we even look at their ridiculous claims that a “Godzillus fossil” actuall exists, we must first understand the atheist theory of evolution.  Crucial to the religious credence of atheists is their claim that the universe started from a ‘magical’ Big Bang.  Somehow, nothing existed.  Just try to picture that in your mind:  nothing existing.  You can’t because it’s impossible!

    But atheists claim nothing existed, and then violating the laws of thermodynamics, somehow matter was ‘magically’ created and knew how to evolve into life forms!  They think that in this process of ‘evolution’, somewhere along the line a man appeared and mated with a female lemur monkey named Ida.  It seems absurd and made up, but they brag about the Ida monkey — who they call “Mitochondrial Eve” right here.

    That story is just ridiculous and even a kindergartner would know it just cannot be real.  To make themselves brainwash more people, atheists keep their theories ‘cool and neato’ for every generation.   This weekend, they plan on tricking kids by providing proof that Godzilla, the giant firebreathing Tyranosaur of Japanese lore, was actually real.

    In the picture at left, notorious atheists PZ Meyers, Richard Dawkins and Neil DeGrasse Tyson look over what they are claiming is the big toe of the Godzillus.  The name comes from “God” meaning the atheists are trying to claim our God for themselves, and “zilla”, meaning monster.  They are trying to claim this dinosaur is a firebreathing god Monster.

    The atheists are claiming that the Godzillus dinosaur was able to produce fire by having ‘plant’ cells in its mouth that channeled photosnythetic energy and let it shoot out raw sunflares from its mouth.  It may sound crazy, but this is the type of theory they let be taught in our elementary schools these days.

    Even more proposterous, these scientists are claiming that this Godzillus fossil is over 450 million years old, when Earth was only created around 6,000 years ago.

    The Godzillus fossil is going to be on display in Topeka, Kansas, at the Kansas Expocenter this weekend, which is sick because that state used to ban all this type of nonsense.

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