• Atheists Invent Shaggy Tyrannosaur, Lead More Children To Evolutionary Hell

    April 8, 2012 4:17 pm 69 comments
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  • Atheist scientists release “Shaggy Tyranosaur” fabrication to steal attention from Christ on Easter 2012, lead children’s thought to absurd evolutionary theory.

    Around sixty years ago, a cabal of ‘scientists’ who were actually anti-Christian militants invented a “Big Bang” theory.  This theory is absurd in that it violates the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics, yet liberals have so corrupted our education system that its allowed to be taught.

    It’s this very theory that teaches such things that a man mated with a lemur to create modern humans, over 10 billion years ago.  If that were not absurd enough, evolutionary ‘theory’ claims that the magical big bang lead to bacteria that through Margolosian endosymbiosis, somehow morphed into fish that ‘magically’ and eventually lead to all life we see on Earth today.

    The bizarre scientists who fuel the mind-pollution evolutionary theory have invented a new creatured named the ‘Shaggy’ Tyrannosaur.  They have released news of their new ‘finding’ on Easter to try to steal glory from Christ.

    Atheist rendition of a ‘newly discovered’ deplumed male Shaggy Tyranousaur.  Atheist scientists claim these dinosaurs grew feathers once a year before mating and laying eggs, so that their reptilian bodies could keep the eggs warmer until hatched. 

    According to LiveScience, who announced the finding today, the species name for this fabricated creature is Yutyrannus huali. This scientific name means beautiful, feathered tyrant and even worse, the Chinese conspired in creating this creature.

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