• Barack Obama Reads Innuendo Laced “Biography” Book To Schoolchildren

    April 5, 2012 1:06 pm 5 comments
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  • Barack Obama calls himself the ‘yummy chocolate man’ in new children’s biography book about his life.

    Sammamish, WA – United States President Barack Obama has done many bad things in his life:  he’s not an American, he lied under oath, he’s sent our troops to fight three pointless wars, he’s given $2 billion to terrorists, he’s made it possible to murder babies, he promotes evolution, he does not allow us to freely profile Muslims, he went to a maddrasah, his middle name is Hussein, his father is a melanin rich Kenyan, he forced us to give poor people Obamacare, he’s too lippy, he has forced America to have bad AA credit, he is trying to take away our nukes, he’s China friendly, he’s not a Christian, he lead a witchhunt and violated Zimmerman’s right to be innocent until proven guilty, he is a Democrat socialist hippie, he allows gays in our military and his middle name is Hussein.  That’s just the tip of a 3d Titanic’s iceberg of what’s wrong with the petty hatemonger Obama.

    But of all Obama’s crimes, none compares to what he has done today.

    In the article above, Barack Obama proves that he is nothing but an anti-American who wants our children corrupt. As we learned from Willy jiggle Clinton, there’s nothing Democrat presidents love more than fresh meat in the White House. Jimmy Carter had an affair in his heart and JFK took the classic splash into Monroe’s sea of plus-sized perversion. We all know Democrats are not true Christians and this fact is proven time and time again.

    But Obama has taken the sickness to an entirely new level. Pictures speak a thousand words, so I will let you just eye read this, take it in and then get angry. This is what Obama read and showed to those innocent schoolchildren up above.

    “The ladies all want some of Barack’s sweet dark chocolate” it reads!  What, do you think he’s talking about his little Willy Wonka Golden ticket bar in hand!  It’s laced innuendo!

    First off, Obama was surrounded about terror veiled Muslims in his childhood!  Those are good Christian girls all around him:  you can tell by their healthy hue and moral dresses!  Obama is trying to be Mr. Candyman can in this book and put the thoughts of chocolate melting sins into the subconscious of America’s future mothers!

    Have you ever gone on a long business trip, then come back home, then get the slight whiff of whiskey, cheap cigars and fried foods in your bed!  Have you been suspicious your wife’s been playing smother the black anaconda with the flesh pita wrap behind your back!

    You know what I’m talking about here!  Obama and his Muslim Kenyan Afro brothers all crave the flesh of fair meat!  Just watch nature on Africa!  It’s the entire contintent!  Why do you think the Zebras evolved black stripes!  Why do you never see a white horsie, zebra, giraffe or even monkey people in Africa natively!  IT’s because all the WHITE FLESH GETS GOBBLED RIGHT UP AND OBAMA JUST WANTS TO GOEBBLES THE FLESH OF EVERY WHITE WOMAN JUST THE SAME!

    He’s on the prowl and is doing complex psychological warfare!

    Unto you I posit a most complex theory.   There is a secret cabal of wealthy financiers from our enemy countries, funding the candidacy and White House of Barack Obama.  These foreign radicals understand the only way to make America lose its power is by subverting natural order in this country.  Obama is their puppet:  he’s building socialism in this country.  He’s allowing states to marry gays and is forcing the military to make pink male footie pajamas with a backhatch for easy access.   Obama is turning the future wives of the majority in this country into women who cannot get over their craving for foreign dark meat.  As we see in the children’s book above, he’s using the most sly methods of doing so, so that if you do catch your wife cheating and getting knocked up with a sin child, it will be something she could not even control.

    Friends, we must get Obama out of the White House.  He’s destroying the minds of our children and unraveling the tapestry of morality that was sewn by Mother Mary herself as she proudly looked up her Son’s true nation.  Let us vote Santorum into office, my friends.  He would never read a sick book like the “Autobiography of Barack Obama:  a wonderful world of creamy eye-popping chocolates and political indulgence” to our children.

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