• Cheap 73 Cents Gas Prices, Here’s How You Get It!

    April 9, 2012 12:15 pm 14 comments
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  • Gas giant Chevron has offered to drop gas prices to an amazingly low 73 cents a gallon for a weekend for contest winners.  Follow the steps in this article for your chance to win.

    Reaganomics.  Poor, lazy people will cringe and cry when they hear that word.  For welfare mothers, the word “Reaganomics” tortures them worse than a Vulcan-Ferangi hybred eared beagle hearing long Freddy Krueger nails being scraped along a chalkboard.  For Democrats, the word makes them shake with terror and fear how they will not be able to weaken America into a socialist slum full of ignorant Arab-oil economy supporting, high-tax rate paying, miltary budget hating prostrate Obamacare addicts.

    Today the national average gas price tops $3.70 per gallon.  Gas prices have become so expensive that churches have been forced to give away free $20 worth of gas.  America is at a crisis point and the economy is stagnant.  The problem is simple:  we have stopped allowing America’s economy to trickle as it was intended to do.

    Look at this great image.  Look at those gas prices.  That was in the heart of Reagan’s reign of morality for America.  Things were good for the working:  black crackheads were being tossed in prison.  Taxes were low, leaving more money for us to buy yachts, fine food and lavish vacations.  The spending of our money eventually trickled down to the help, workers stuck at places like Chipotle or orderlies at the local vet clinic.

    The little tips and purchases we make and leave trickle down to them, letting them shop at Wal-mart, buy diapers for their babies and maybe even sign up for Affordablue, Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s great private insurance for people with cute little jobs.

    That image above makes your mouth salivate:  just imagine how nice it would be for all Americans to enjoy cheap gas prices.  While the variance of a few dollars is inconsequential to many of us, for the greater good of the country 79 cents is great.  Even better to consider, the price would have been 73 cents without a hike Democrats sneaked onto gas rates in 1986.

    If we want to lower gas prices, we have to get Obama out of the White House.  We need a president who realizes that a trickle down economy fuels a trickle up America.

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