• Chris†wire Journalist Receives Terrorist Threats from Reader

    April 20, 2012 3:22 pm 54 comments
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    Annabelle Koch


    By Annabelle Koch

    <chris†wire> Everyday news stories tell of the horrific crimes committed by those who stalk media personalities and celebrities. But until something like this happens to you, you cannot image the fear and terror the victim must endure day after day and sometimes for years. At least this is true in my case. The sleepless nights, the sweats, night terrors and fear of just going to your mailbox can be overwhelming.

    And in our system of justice you’ll never know how long your life will be left shattered and devastated since the stalker must first act before the police have the legal right to step in and take action. Recently I went to work as a journalist for chris†wire, a conservative Christian Web-based news and media service highly respected in Christian media circles.

    After posting a comment on the recent story about chris†wire’s own Bruce Myron Danus
    being nominated for the highly coveted Presidential Citizens Medal, a reader using the screen name “L.N.” joined the conversation and cited my recent piece on Mexico’s War on Drugs suggesting it was to violent for children to see. Of course I agree completely, but what LN fails to mention is that the bold-faced type below the headlines was a warning for readers and parents to use good judgment when viewing the story due to graphic crime scene images.

    Then LN lashes out at me claiming I had posted another comment using a different name, which is not true. So I asked LN to show / tell me where this post was so that I could read it. As I suspected he could not back up his claim and FAILED to provide any information about the “mystery post.” He then made this statement… “Don’t forget that Koch herself posted up pictures of dead people who were chopped up. Sick bitch probably got off on it too.”

    I then offered LN Christian counseling thinking perhaps I could help him work through a difficult time, but I’m afraid that only made LN more dangerous and hostile. Next he attacked Bruce Danus’ calling him a “racist asshole who enjoys sinning.” But that was just the beginning, LN’s aggression escalated into anti-Christian hate rants towards brother Danus and others.

    LN posted this vile attack on Bruce… L. N. April 19, 2012 12:42 am: “No, you hate Jesus. If Jesus came up to you and told you how much of a disappointment you were to him, you’d probably kill him before he gave you another chance, and you’d think he’s ‘some dirty terrorist.” LN added, “You’re manipulative, untrustworthy, monstrous, and towards women, you’re ‘rapey’.” I find it interesting that LN introduced the first rape comment to the thread; clearly rape is something that occupies his mind, and something that comes out of him when he is challenged, threatened or insecure.

    Then at 10:58 pm LN makes his 2nd comment on rape…   L. N. April 19, 2012 10:58 pm:
    “Bruce, stop trying to rape CD.” (CelestialDeth) And that’s when LN turned violent and tells Bruce… L. N. April 19, 2012 12:25 am: “I could very well go over to your house, shoot you and everyone you love, and say ‘oh, I thought he was going to try to crucify someone’ and there ain’t a damn thing your cult can do or say about it. Well, rather, they would anyway because they’re a bunch of fu@king hypocrites.”

    At this point I entered the conversation and upon seeing this young man’s inner demons lashing out at everyone around him I suggested Christian counseling would help him overcome these evil demons that posses him. I suggested a private 20-30 minute counseling session with me, adding I thought it could help him.

    And that’s when LN went ballistic posting terror threats against me. LN wrote…   L. N.
    April 19, 2012 7:14 pm: “Koch, you come anywhere near me, and I’ll break your arm off.”

    It was then that LN accused me of posting something on CW while using a false identity. But when that Satan worshipping BVB666HIM  asked LN to prove his point LN couldn’t do it. BVB666HIM April 19, 2012 9:09 pm:wrote: “L.N. who was Koch previously? I wanna know!” LN’s EPIC FAILURE of an answer was… “I honestly don’t know. Some of these bastards can get creative with their writing, so pulling off multiple personalities could be a cinch to them. Since I don’t have the ability to look up the IP addresses of posters, I can’t find out just who ‘Annabelle’ really is.”

    LN dodged BVB’s question just as he refused to show me where I had supposedly posted under a false name. Why would LN do such a thing? LN got caught in a lie and one he couldn’t back up or show anybody. LN was embarrassed at having been exposed a liar.
    But it’s the last line of his post where LN speaks of tracing my IP address stating, “I can’t find out just who ‘Annabelle’ really is.” Why should LN care about who I am. If he really wanted to know just go to my Facebook page it has much more information then our accounts with chris†wire have.

    What is so very frightening for a woman of any age is knowing that someone you’ve never laid eyes on before has threatened you with brutality and violence, while claiming to be trying to track you down. LN’s threats are intended to create terror, his comment about finding out “who ‘Annabelle’ really is” is a clear indication of LN’s intent to stalk me online, which sooner or later leads to him physically stalking me at home and work.

    As a result of yesterday’s outrageous and criminal behavior by LN and the threats of physical violence that he posted to chris†wire threatening Bruce and myself I must ask that chris†wire ban this dangerous felon from ever posting here again. Our respected Christian site has now been tainted with the threats of a madman, a man who uses violence and threats of violence to intimidate women before he abuses them. Such behavior must never be tolerated on a family site. Let’s deal with LN now before he rapes and murders one of us which will than be too late.

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    About The Author
    Annabelle Koch Annabelle Koch lives in Seattle, Wa. with her husband Chip. They have been married for 36 years. Annabelle has three children and 8 grandchildren. A retired music teacher, Annabelle writes a weekly column for the Seattle Times, and is president of the Woman's Christian Consortium. She also writes for the conservative Christian Website, ChrisTwire.

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