• Christian Heritage denied-An Editorial by Cassidy Pen

    April 24, 2012 11:52 pm 13 comments
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    Cassidy Pen

    offensive and inappropriate?

    <Jackson, TN> A young Christian teen was tapped on the shoulder and asked to change out of her Confederate Flag Dress she proudly wore to the school Prom.

    We would expect a scene like this to take place in some god-awful den of liberal atheism like San Fran-sicko or Vichi France.  But when it takes place in Tennessee, it should make every moral American’s blood boil.

    I’m sure you, my dear friend in Christ agrees.

    But what bastion of American Heritage is left us now?  Has the liberal atheist political/media machine won?

    Do moral Americans even care anymore about the traditions of their country?  I know they do because I see the beautiful stars and bars all over on gun racks and flying in back yards across the bible belt.  But without the diligence of fight against the godless among us, what will our children’s quality of life be without the dignity of their heritage? Are they destined to wander the earth wondering why there’s an empty feeling in their souls because then have no concept of their heritage?

    The schools have been taken over by marxists and it looks as if no one cares that they have labeled our precious birthrights as “offensive and inappropriate.”  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this.  These far left radicals have once again flicked the first amendment aside like an unwanted pea on a plate.

    We all know that the federal government judiciary is on the side of these heathens by upholding previous bans on our American Heritage.

    Please read up on the outrageous actions of the staff at Gibson High School and ask yourself if you have had enough yet. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/04/24/tennessee-girl-kicked-out-of-prom-for-confederate-flag-dress/

    I weep for my nation today and at the same time I am angered to the point of outburst over the state of our society. I will fight until my dying breath against these despicable liberals as they try to further whittle away at our just inheritance and birthright.

    Who is with me?

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    Cassidy Pen I'm a soldier for Christ using both style and my own insight to present a faithful documentation of issues I feel are close to the hearts of my Christian Brothers and Sisters.

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