• Coachella 2012 over but Bonnaroo continues the depravation of our youth.

    April 23, 2012 2:15 pm 8 comments
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  • It seems that this annual festival of degradation has left a stench that will be lingering for some time yet. B grade actress/harlet Emma Roberts was seen parading around in what could only be described as an unfinished knitting project.

    Emma Roberts knitwear

    The promoters of this yearly Satanic muckhole gathering also crossed the boudaries of decency by raising a notorious public enemy from the dead. The rapper Two-Pack, named after a popular automobile spraypainting process, was elevated as a false holographic idol on stage with other repugnant performers. This evil resurrection incited crazy and sinful gyrations from thousands of onlookers who were held in a trancelike state as Two-Pack led them in a demonic chant and followed it with a rendition of “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted”, his anthem against the State.

    Two-Pack hologram

    Now the promoters of Bonnaroo, the next stop on the ‘Bandwagon of Sin’, are hoping to follow suit with their own holographic performance of the Queen of evil Amy Winehouse performing a mouth sex act on the Prince of playtime Michael Jackson.

    All parents need to be aware of the dangers of their children attending these celebrations of sin. Each year the promoters find new ways to corrupt our children. They provide tents where anal sin docking is encouraged and the defloration of virginal muckholes is a constant occurrence. Last year Tyson Bowers III reported on the horrific practices at Bonnaroo but his warnings fell on deaf ears. This year I urge all interested parties to join me in a vigil outside Great Stage Park. I have arranged for some of the members of my youth madrigal group to join me and we will be providing succour and medical assistance. I have personally trained my assistants in the application of a healing ointment to the distended muckholes of any unfortunate festival patrons who may have been ravaged in the docking tents. We can be found in the purple RV parked outside the South gate.

    Will the Devil ever give respite to our impressionable youth – not likely.

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