• Earth Day 2012 DIY Ideas, Park the SUV

    April 22, 2012 11:20 am 4 comments
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  • This Earth day 2012, ideas on how to keep the environment green and eco-friendly abound.  Some people are walking everywhere today.  Others are refusing to run their electronics, recycling items as DIY craftts and eating raw vegetables as part of a ‘Earth-friendly’ diet.   Me, I have a different way of celebrating Earth day.

    Now before I start, don’t be upset with me just because my country is powerful, I can afford gas and like big trucks. It is my freedom to drive and create pollution. I love pumping gas into my truck, gunning the engine and then watching black smoke come out of the exhaust as my engine allows me to roar down a country road.

    Why are people trying to make me feel guilty for this? Show of hands, America. How many of you walk to the grocery store? Is there one within a 20 minute walk of your home? Why do you drive there. We are a bunch of drivers. Ask any European and they will tell you Americans are lazy. And you know what: that’s fine! Our lazy behinds surely had no problem kicking every red coat right out of our country, so we must be doing something right!

    So Europe and Japan’s little Kyoto Protocol really has nothing to do with our country. We will not be ruled by anyone. We have a right to pollute the environment and drive our big cars, without being made to feel guilty.

    And before anyone tries to call me names and make me feel guilty for burning charcoal to make delicious steaks whil leaving my truck running so I can loudly play “This Is My Country” by Hank Williams, Jr, without wearing down my battery, just know this. I’m an environmental scientist.

    Before anyone even knew with a Chlorofluorocarbon was all about, my buddies and I already had a strong grasp that CFCs were destabilizing the O3 in our atmosphere. It didn’t take complex science to figure out that one. But guess what? I did not stop using aerosol cans.

    My point today is pretty simple: I refuse to participate in Earth Day for several reasons.

    1. People try to act superior for ‘protecting’ the environment for one day. One day of recycling and pretending to be a pointy-eared Vulcan with a vegan superiority complex is not going to save Earth.

    2. I have a right to my big SUV and fantastically high gas prices.

    3. America will never sign Kyoto protocol. It is our right to not do it.

    4. If we are serious about protecting Earth, we would start by cutting Obamacare out of the US budget. We would not allow food stamps and free housing. We would have a nation that promotes personal responsibility. If we can’t trust people to take care of themselves, how much can we really expect them — who are multiplying and teaching their children the same values — to take care of the environment around them?

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