• Emma Watson Tramp Stamp, Kissing Groupie at Coachella 2012

    April 16, 2012 6:01 pm 30 comments
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  • If it were not bad enough Emma Watson was caught kissing groupie ‘bros’ at Coachella 2012, as I reported two days ago she has a live action Tramp Stamp.  Emma Watson tramp stamp.



    Devilwhore action!

    That symbol on her back is a drawing by the same demon who posssesed Charlie Manson.  With Charlie Manson having no way to get out of jail usin gup his last parole, we now see it has made its mark of the witch upon the JRK Tolkien bred sorceress.

    When I first revealed this picture to the world days ago, idiot liberals tried to say I photoshopped.  Now, CNN and ABC have quoted me directly and you can see this journalism is true and pressing.






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