• Gay BYU Students Shock Community, ‘Come Out’ in YouTube Video

    April 8, 2012 6:16 pm 38 comments
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    No amount of seer stones could have helped the Mormon community see the shame that would befall them on this Easter Sunday.

    New reports detail an Easter video where a slew of gay BYU students took to YouTube to come out. And this is not like Puxatawny Bill coming out and seeing his shadow, it’s more like Puxatawny jumping out of his hole and into the first backside hole of a gut gophering tinkerbell seeker he saw on the golf course. We’re talking about the gays here, people.

    This report is shocking. And though it does not really matter the actions Mormons take, since they cannot go to Heaven in the first place, these kids are making a stand and risk being Mormon excommunicated. We can only assume that means they are not allowed back to Utah and are banned from future Utah Jazz games. Neither really big losses in the grand scheme of things.

    If gays make God upset, a Mormon gay must be the most damned person on Earth. Imagine how confused God must be that there are these Mormon scientists who actually believe that humans are ‘supernatural’ beings who millions of years ago, built giant 747 looking spaceplanes and came to Earth.

    Mormons believe that every person’s soul has a ‘cell soul’. They actually believe every thing on Earth has a soul: bacteria, virii, Iranians. It’s really pathetic.

    In humans that complete ‘Feton Leveling’ in their religion, which they keep secret in their temples, they say you can get special powers. This is evidenced by being able to see the future by use of seer stones.

    CHARLES KRUPA / Associated Press

    Billionaire Mormon Mitt Romney believes his fantastic wealth and youthful dark hair is the product of a high midichlorian 'soul cell' count.

    Mormons believe the specialized cells that allow humans to obtain these ‘hidden alien powers’ are called midichlorians, which they claim is ancient Mormanian (the 747 aliens they can apparently channel) for ‘Satan’s god particles’.  It’s really absurd, yet we have people like Mitt Romney who stands to beat out the Christian Rick Santorum.

    How a man who knows God created the universe and Christ is America’s savior, America his ambassador, is being beaten by the golden child of this bizarre Mormon cult is really puzzling. And now we see that at their prize university, homosexuality is rampant. How much lowers can things get for the faculty at BYU.

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