• God Upgrades America’s Air Force with 13,000 MPH Orbital Death Glider (DARPA)

    April 22, 2012 10:45 am 7 comments
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  • US Fighter Pilots successfully test America’s first space warship.  The Reagan-Class vessel US-DAPPA (United States-Death Aerial Positron Propulsion Aircraft) can travel over 13,000 miles per hour, has a nearly endless energy supply based on positronic fusion propulsion and carries a stealthy nuclear payload able to destroy a city with one bombing pass.

    In 1985, Ronald Reagan commissioned studies into creating an aircraft capable of carrying out a bombing or strafing run on any target on Earth, within a few minutes.  From the vision of Ronald Reagan, America has finally been blessed to produce the US-DAPPA, the first aircraft that can travel in space and deliver America’s wrath on any target necessary, from the moon and back.

    The unveiling of America’s new ‘space shuttle’ comes only months before the Chinese Empire has announced its plans to put a man on America’s already flagged moon.  Already, worried officials in Beijing have placed calls to the Pentagon and ask if America’s new orbital patrol vehicle would engage anyone trying to reach the moon.

    Inside sources in Washington, DC, find the timing to be not coincidental.  During the reign of President George W. Bush, there was talk that the vehicle, still in testing phase, could be deployed as a deterrent to Russia during the war on terror.  Due to technical malfunctions in the vehicles outer hull plating and shield technology, testing continued and the project was kept under mothballs.

    Now, with China gunning for potentially energy market altering Helium-3 (H3) on the moon, America has no choice but to unleash the secret aircraft commissioned by Ronald Reagan nearly 30 years ago.

    The Pentagon’s research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) views the (DAPPA) as its greatest legacy, its greatest offspring.  “With the speed of lightning itself, one day this vehicle will have the propulsion technology to patrol our star system.  That’s our goal.  The moon and Earth capabilities are just the beginning,” said one official under condition of anonymity.

    Initial tests of the vehicle during the early 2000s placed its top speed at over 20 times the speed of sound.  Some sources are claiming the vehicle can now travel many times that amount, but not safely within the atmosphere of Earth.

    The vehicle’s total size is nearly 8 stories.  It has an ‘easy’ gliding speed of Mach 20, twenty times the speed of sound, for normal travel within the atmosphere.  At times of threat or when traveling through space, the vehicle is capable of reaching ‘velocities much greater’.

    Researchers plan to use the DAPPA as a mother ship to smaller assault vehicles, to date called Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicles II.  These vehicles are propelled by the same energy technology and to date have officially reached over 13,000 MPH within Earth’s atmosphere.  The space vehicles will be officially commissioned and assigned to the US Navy and Airforce deployment in late 2012.

    In the following official footage, a Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle II (FHTV-II) has been deployed from a DAPPA mothership in orbit.  The FHTV-II has been fired upon by a heat-seeking missile with rocket propulsion, which has also been programmed to easily track the FHTV-II.   The rocket is the fastest known on Earth.  Note how the FHTV-II is easily able to ‘outrun’ the rocket and continue on to fire upon its target.  This military video proves that even when the fastest aerial defense weapon on Earth is fired upon it, the DAPPA and all its FHTV-II units are impossible to hit.

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