• Hillary Clinton Colombia Beer Drinking Party Photos, She Shags Drunk Intern (Pictures)

    April 17, 2012 7:05 am 20 comments
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  • A clearly drunk Hillary Clinton waxes lesbianism with drunken interns from The Department of State, Lindsay Lohan allegedly meets with Hillary Clinton to show her Colombian “hotspots” for scoring ‘Granny Edna’s Sweet Powered Coffee’.

    When Condoleezza Rice was George Bush’s secretary, there were never pictures of scandalous under-age debauchery. Under the White House of Obama, we find the secret service is throwing not so-secret hooker-romps and the Secretary of State is out scoring smack and drinking with her staffers, getting them into all sorts of trouble.

    In a scene all too familiar, Hillary Clinton and a pride of senior-level staffers are on the prowl for young interns.  We can see Undersecretary Betty Scroggins, to the right of Hillary, grabbing an interns behind and giving him her room key.  Hillary pounds back some knockoff Dos Equis as she looks on with approval, hoping to get in on a menage-a-scandal.

    It’s great to know that as the Space Shuttle Discovery makes its last flight to be mothballed at the Smithsonian later today, due to Obama budget cuts on NASA, and that our troops are fighting a war on terror without adequate supply, that Hillary has time to get plastered while she is on the job.  It’s great to know that the Secret Service is out scoring gap-legged hussies for their Dark Leader.

    When Reagan was president, he and the formerly good General Oliver North only had one interest in the tribal Southern Americas:  spread freedom.   Liberals gave Reagan so much flak for just trying to stop communism in South America (and protect America’s oil interests), yet look what we have here.  Sodom and Gomorrah being expedited by Obama and his secretary.

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