• Is My Daughter a Prostitute? 15 Early Warning Signs

    April 17, 2012 5:47 pm 87 comments
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  • Dear Stephenson,

    My daughter has been very secretive lately. She moved to New York City to become an actress 3 years ago and now has all this money for designer clothes. Problem is she’s not telling me anything about her life! She’s says she’s working as a “intern” whatever that means and I just find it hard to believe. She’s pretty and sharp minded but she’s just not the sort of girl that can be one of those high power woman types. Frankly I have no idea what she’s really up to. Can you help?


    Worried in Nebraska

    Dear WiN, that is indeed a mystery! I’m afraid to say that whatever your daughter is up to in the Big Apple, it’s no good. Why else would she be so ashamed to tell you about her life? Maybe she’s a bartender or a lesbian, though brand name fashion labels are out of character for both. She could be dating an Arab or working in the pornography business, but these types of women tend to cut off all contact with their families. My expert guess would be prostitution. My apologies for being the bearer of such awful news, but based on the details you have provided it clearly appears to be the case.

    For you WiN– and for every other concerned parent out there– let’s run through a few of the most obvious warning signs that your daughter has tragically decided to become a “hooker.”

    stephenson billings on aziz ansari1. Undisclosed Sources of Income: If a young woman suddenly starts buying Louis Vuitton fashions, hanging out at expensive big city discos and taking out of state vacations, you should worry. All these things require a great deal of ready cash. Does your daughter even have a verifiable full time job? If not, she needs to fess up about how she’s supporting all that reckless, drug-fueled indulgence. Evasive answers can indicate a worst-case scenario. Don’t let her get away with being vague!

    2. Tattoo of Wings on Lower Back: Known as a “Tramp Stamp,” this is how a woman advertises to passing cars that she’s a “working girl.” There will be an inked design just above the buttocks that incorporates vulture wings to symbolize her predatory nature.

    3. “Too Smart For Her Own Good”: Depending on what type of prostitute your daughter has become, she will exhibit different types of intelligence– from “streets smarts” picked up in the dangerous urban jungle to haughty sophistication, gleaned from hotel bars and her older, businessmen clientele. Does she seem out of place at home? Does she act like she’s now better than everyone else?

    4. Reluctant to Attend Church Services: A prostitute will have a natural disdain for the love of Jesus Christ. At heart, she understands that her liberal lifestyle is a rejection of the sacred morality of her family. She may also be anxious about being seen in large public gatherings for fear of being spotted by one of her “johns.”

    5. No Interest in Marriage: What chance would she have anyway once the men in her life find out she’s a whore?

    6. Contraception Prescription: Anti-pregnancy pills have opened the door to widespread promiscuity. Along with penicillin, it is one of the major drugs fueling prostitution. A young woman who uses the birth control pill is essentially saying that intercourse has no spiritual ramifications in her life, that she’s a wanton hedonist with no need of God’s love.

    7. Radical Feminism: There are several union groups that have been organized to promote so-called “sex workers rights.” A female immersed in such an environment may talk a great deal about women’s liberation, gender advocacy and feminine equality.

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    8. Inappropriate Clothing Fashions: Fishnet pantyhose and clear plastic heels are most commonly associated with streetwalkers but with the internet, that is changing. In today’s online classified ads, you will find that “geek girl chic,” “naughty nurse,” “slutty cheerleader” and “lesbian dominatrix” are all popular keyword searches. Be on the lookout if your daughter attempts to bring such unusual fashion trends into her home life.

    9. Condoms, Breath Mints and Pepper Spray: Check any hooker’s pocketbook and you will likely find these three most common “tricks of the trade.”

    10. Shaved or Bejeweled Vaginal Region: Since the private part is her main source of income, the prostitute will invest a great deal of time and money making it appear like an exclusive, extravagant luxury. Also be on the lookout for “vaginal bleaching,” a new fad that is being promoted by the pornography industry.

    11. “Trash” TV: Yearning for the thrilling, rough world of the streets, the hooker will instinctively select television programs that mirror what she knows best. Maury Povich, Judge Joe Brown and Tyra are easy reminders of her grueling days pounding the pavement.

    12. Sassy Black Slang: Creepy “johns” and furious pimps make life in the business hard. The hooker will cover up her pain by picking up the lingo of her ethnic friends in the ghetto nympho scene. She will talk with her hands and have an arsenal of one-liners, for instance “Mmmmm… Hmmmmm!” and “O. M. G.!”

    13. Calls Father-Figures “Daddy”: It’s just part of that bimbo lifestyle.

    14. Secretive Internet Profiles: Websites such as BackPage, CraigsList, Rentboy and Citysearch are where today’s youngest prostitutes advertise their services. Some show their faces, or distinguishing marks on their bodies such as tattoos so it’s worth searching through the listings in your daughter’s place of residence if you have suspicions. You will also find a good amount of detail regarding what sexual positions they engage in, how much they cost and whether they’re willing to travel to you (“out calls”).

    15. Handcuff Bruises: This is one of the less commonly seen indicators, but it’s an important one. If your daughter has been arrested recently, she will have marks around wrists when she tried to escape from the law’s unavoidable justice. If her handcuff bruises have healed and are no longer visible, it’s still gut wrenching to consider what her unseen wounds represent: a future of ghetto pimps, corrupt cops, crack addiction, jail time and inevitably the rest of her life spent on welfare. Is it any surprise that Obama and the democrats in Congress support such soul-crushing legislation?

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