• Is My Teen Weird? 20 Terrifying New Youth Trends

    April 7, 2012 3:04 am 485 comments
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  • Does your child spend too much time alone in the bedroom? Has he or she begun experimenting with unusual fashions, loud music and adult language? Have you noticed intense emotional demands for privacy and advances on allowance money? Do you worry about new friends who might be too mature or using drugs? Has your teen “paired off” with someone in a way that makes you suspect abnormal sexual activity?

    Our young people are bombarded with so many dangerous cultural messages today that it’s difficult to know exactly what’s going on in their lives. For Christian parents, the challenge is particularly acute because so many kids are simply ignorant about Biblical teaching and the incredible responsibility of American patriotism. Instead, they are recklessly influenced by the liberal media to believe so many myths that fundamentally undermine their chances for a productive, happy, faithful and morally respectable adult life.

    Here are twenty shocking and dangerous new trends in youth culture that parents need to be especially aware of. If you find your child acting out and embracing reckless habits, it is essential that you remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Pastors, counselors and medical professionals are trained for these very scenarios so do not be afraid to call on them!

    youth trends 20121. Alcohol-Soaked Tampons:
    Tragically, many girls believe that this is a quick and easy way to feel the thrill of an alcohol buzz. Nothing could be farther from the truth and such activity will forever associate drunkenness with hardcore sexual penetration in a woman’s fragile mind. By using sex to become popular, the high schooler ensures that she will get a reputation as a “slut” who will “do anything” for a good time, no matter how many boys are involved.

    2. Bullying People of Faith:
    Far too many teens are ignorantly embracing atheism without understanding the secret ramifications of the communism behind it. They gather in gangs on websites like Facebook and Twitter to harass innocent Christians about their heterosexuality, leaving normal children tearfully terrified. In many instances, the ringleaders behind atheism are pedophiles who use the thrill of bullying to draw your children away from the home for “hook ups” at motels and bus stops.

    3. Virtual Masturbation:
    Two major websites promote the shared phallic gratification of young people in a video format: Chatroulette and Omegle. It is vital that you make sure that neither is present on your family computer to prevent the spread of masturbation addiction, which can cause acne, penile problems and a fear of marriage in adulthood.

    youth trends 20124. Fantasy Television Shows:
    From Glee to Game of Thrones, farcical liberal storylines are promoted in our popular media in a broad attempt to make sodomy, paganism, cross-dressing and demonic possession appear “hip.” What sort of friends could your child possibly make at school if he or she were to exhibit these fascinations publicly?

    5. Online Protests:
    Most teenagers know next to nothing about American politics, but that has not prevented them from joining internet campaigns to pressure politicians and cultural leaders. From Occupy Wall Street to SOPA and Kony 2012, we have seen too many get swept up by socialist causes that undermine our national spirit of freedom. What these kids don’t realize is that the obsession with internet activism actually makes them introverted and politically naïve. A genuinely curious young mind grows by experiencing real life in one’s own community and church where ethical principles are clear from the outset.

    6. Twitter’s Vacuous Quotism:
    The most popular teen Twitter accounts hassle users with a constant flow of pointless quotations from unimportant people. Of particular worry are OhTeenQuote, TrueTeenQuotes and TeensInLove. All three promote a moronic mental simplicity, the idea that life can be summed up with stupefyingly vapid one-liners and cheap truisms plagiarized from Adam Sandler movies. For young people who subscribe to such tweets, they are forced to believe that great intellectualism stops at 140 characters.

    youth trends 20127. SteamPunk:
    Most adults are confused by what exactly “SteamPunk” means. As a subculture, it combines industrial craftsmanship with a slavishly erotic aesthetic. For youngsters, it is a sort of costume drama that feels naughty and defiant at first. Yet SteamPunk quickly becomes a gateway to sadomasochism and even Trotskyism. Clearly, banishing this from the home is a no-brainer for Christians.

    8. Tumblr:
    Bill O’Reilly filed a groundbreaking report on the illegal Chinese website 4Chan and how it was being used to trade pornography, internet hacking and much worse. The raunchy website “Tumblr” follows the same format, and was crafted with confusing fonts and garish colors to discourage adults from supervising it closely. The peer pressure to have oneself “reblogged” is so great, that many users are forced into exposing themselves nakedly and writing comments with great vulgarity.

    9. “Asianation“:
    The people of Asia have recently become a hot youth fad in America, replacing the blacks as the “it” ethnicity of the moment. Prized for the silken, lithe bodies and perpetual youthfulness, many Chinese are practitioners of communism or Buddhism. They are thought to be talented artists and fashion designers, but few truly embody a dedication to living a Christ-like life. Indeed, teens caught up in the Asian fad are far too likely to experiment with ghetto gangsterism, exotic homosexuality or dramatic fits of flamboyant neediness of the sort rarely seen outside of reality television show contests.

    youth trends 201210. Teenage Mustaches:
    Boys just can’t grow up fast enough! They want to live like adults, driving cars and staying out all night, but they simply don’t understand that freedom comes with important responsibilities. Some adventurers in the midst of puberty intentionally grow out a delicate, fuzzy mustaches in an effort to look like men, often to buy alcohol in stores or to cruise gay dating sites for erotic encounters. 16-year old girls have also even been known to paint mustaches on their fingers in a strange attempt to explore lesbianism.

    11. “Goth” Emotional Music:
    There is no moral reason why teens should listen to unsafe music, but many find shallow, predictable rebellion in groups like Black Veiled Bride and Blood on the Dance Floor. Sadly, secret messages of drugs and promiscuity make mentally juvenile fans vulnerable to a life of illiteracy, social awkwardness and unemployment. Girls are particularly susceptible to “emo,” because many lack the sophistication to discern substance from spectacle.

    youth trends 201212. Talking Tom Cat:
    Talking Tom is a robotic pet that lives on your cellphone or Apple iPad. For troubled teens, Tom is meant to be a substitute for a healthy relationship with one’s parents. The cat is passive and offers perpetual affirmation, no matter what outrageous and illegal antics the child gets wrapped up in. Furthermore, the pet game familiarizes young people with the treacherous companionship of real-life felines. In 2011 alone, Talking Tom Cat was downloaded 200 million times, thus proving the incredible danger of viral internet games.

    13. Trillining:
    Inspired by radical journalist Calvin Trillin, this is a form of literary blogging in which young authors feign an air of sartorial, sardonic authority while being utter imbeciles. When such a child falls deeply in love with the sound of his own voice, it is very difficult for him to abandon such cloying egotism in adulthood.

    youth trends 201214. Deviantart.com:
    This strange website is popular for outcasts who have had no luck socializing in school or on the sports field. It promises to celebrate art and “creativity” while pushing our young people into a pit of pointless narcissism, useless tech skills and gender identity confusion.

    15. Sagging:
    A relatively new trend where young men let their jeans “sag” far below the waistline. This is an immature way to show off the shape of one’s phallus or supple buttocks, and is usually encouraged by pedophiles on Youtube and Facebook. “Saggers,” as they prefer to be called, have few friends in the real world. They imagine that their “sagging” is an easy way to gain acquaintances on social media sites. By adopting an urban black fashion style, these confused boys believe they have created a complex personal identity but the truth is that they’re simply revealing their taut bodies for drooling old men across the globe.

    16. Bronyism:
    A “Brony” is an older teen on a crash course with bestiality. Ostensibly, the child is a fan of the My Little Pony cartoon show, but the truth is far more alarming. Deep inside, the child feels profound emptiness and failure. He will try to fill that hole in his life by sexualizing both animals and plush toys, seeing their enormous genitals as ready companions. In adults, this sad fate erupts in full blown crimes against animals and a sexual fetish known as “furries.”

    youth trends 201217. Ian Somerhalder:
    The scruffy, dirty television star is a heartthrob for underage girls and boys alike, yet are these people even aware of the Satanic logic behind the vampire trend? The dark clothes and heavy eyeliner, the fetish for drinking bodily fluids and sneaking around in the dark are not healthy for a Christian teen. Quite simply, they are labeling themselves “weird” and “freakish.” By lusting after the muscled Somerhalder, our children are moronically embracing their own failure as normal, happy members of the adult working world.

    18. Mirror Scrying:
    This ancient form of demonic communication has recently come back into fashion. By staring deep into a mirror with only the illumination of a candle, it is believed that one can communicate with spirits from the beyond. For today’s teens, it is a ready excuse to pose in the bathroom with a camera for hours on end while high on ripe body odors and anti-depressants.

    youth trends 201219. Lip Tattoos:
    A terrible place for a tattoo is on the face and the very worst location is surely on the lips. Lip tattoos are normally done in black ink and are often mistaken for unchewed food or herpes sores. Such markings insure that a person will have a very difficult time securing normal employment in any job market.

    20. Body Painting:
    Face painting is a fun carnival experience for 8-year olds, but for teens it invites a dangerous level of homoerotic exploration. It is often a messy attempt to proclaim one’s burgeoning sexual confusion through the use of mother’s eye shadow and even peanut butter. It is simply disgusting for outsiders to witness.

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