• Is Slavery the Answer to Ending Illegal Immigration?

    April 16, 2012 3:43 pm 51 comments
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    Mark E. Figs


    Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more Mexicans eat, the more they shoot.A Mexican children’s rhyme

    Over the course of the last twenty years, a bizarre trend has been raping America — the assimilation of illegal Mexicans into American culture. While hard-working Christians like brother Billings and I have to face constant scrutiny on a daily basis for being blessed with financial and spiritual wealth, illegal Mexicans simply trot their way into this proud Christian country, flaunting their pedophilic Catholic beliefs and malicious lifestyle. Of course, since the Devil seems to be captaining America’s ship, our society doesn’t  crack down on these Mexicans; instead the mainstream media celebrates their presence, which in turn encourages more of those dark-fleshed people to flock to this country!

    But how do literate, hygienic, educated Christians distance themselves from these adobe-dwelling, “Panchos” and their brood of burrito babies? Can we stop the impending tide of incoming Hispanics, scurrying across our borders like roaches in the spotlight? Barack Hussein Obama has already declared that he is too cowardly to join in and stop this brutal raping of American culture; instead he celebrates the adulterous and communist fanatic, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and tries to enact a “DREAM” act which ensures that illegal, drug-mules-in-training (aka Mexican children) get a FREE, AMERICAN education!

    It frightens me to the core that this country has eroded to the point of allowing and celebrating these darkened people that dwell amongst us in illegality. A group of people so selfish and vicious that attempting to communicate with them is impossible, due in part to their wretched, foul language that resembles speaking in tongues. I am among a growing group of individuals that feel that slavery should be re-enacted as a way to deter further Mexican expansion.

    (Typical,rowdy, uncooperative Friday night in a Taco Bell in Los Angeles, California)

    A swift round-up of all illegals, coupled with a firm establishment of a slave program would single-handedly end the immigration problem. Instead of allowing these drug-using Mexicans to come to America and take all of our doctor and lawyer positions, we should force them into doing back-breaking physical labor in order to make them appreciate what it is to be an American — a country founded by the grace of God, through LEGAL, DILLIGENT immigration, built by the hands of brave Puritans who sought to create a Christian paradise. Blood, sweat and tears went into the foundation of this country. LEGAL blood sweat and tears, and these Hispanics soak it up in a tortilla of sin and shove it down their corrupt gullets.

    This program would be structured and rigid. Protocol could dictate that one could gain their “Freedom*” by promising to adhere to the rules set forth in the Bible and the US Constitution by Jesus Christ, as well as passing a series of several written and verbal tests that measure one’s ability to speak English, recite key Bible facts and sing several hymns in key. (*Still closely monitored to ensure that they do not lapse into a world of Mexican savagery).

    If this problem goes unsolved, our country is potentially going to wither away into a frail, diseased shell, resembling a Gay Homo wracked with the AIDS homo-gay virus.

    One of the biggest crimes these mongrels (Mexicans/Hispanics) are guilty of committing is waging a war on religious freedom by shoving their own twisted religious beliefs and values down legal American citizen’s throats. Trips to the local grocer are punctuated by an in-your-face display of dirty Latin religious imagery, rife with Gay Homosexual overtones — half nude Jesus and other saints with effeminate “bottom” features. I think I speak for every straight-blooded, hard-working white man when I say that non-homo’s don’t want to be subjected to viewing an aisle full of kitschy candles plastered with men!

    And then there is the criminal aspect, present in all Hispanics due to a chromosome deficiency (Christian Science Center for Faithful Living, “Bean-Eating, Crime Committing: A Mexican Study, 2011).  

    According to the Ten Commandments, all Christians are incapable of committing crimes, per God’s decree.

    If a “Christian” does commit a crime, than one can call into question whether or not the person was truly a Christian, or straight, or of a stable ethnic background. But according to statistics from the state of Arizona, more Mexicans kidnap and traffic drug-filled children than any other group of people in world history. That’s a chilling thought to think about before Friday night prayer group, but it’s true!

    It’s important to teach your children the benefits of never befriending a Mexican/Latino. Mexican/Hispanic children on average, are more likely to experiment with homosexuality and recreational drug use than Christian children.  It’s reported that 2 out of every 3 Mexican children illegally living in an apartment meant for 2 total occupants has had Gay-Fondle sex with another person of the same sex before age 12.

    If your children want to interact with Mexicans, it’s important to stress that they should reference Scripture as much as possible — not only does this serve to witness to these God-less Catholic heathens, it also creates a holy barrier in which these drug-addicted Mexicans cannot harm your child. A few key passages from Corinthians or Judges should do the trick.

    In addition, the Latino influence has spread to the gentle world of culinary endeavors. American classic chip the “Dorito” has new “Spicy Nacho” flavors which is sure to disagree with the pallets of fine, Anglo white men. New “sex” toys are introduced on the market, resembling “burritos” and “flautas” — encouraging men to purchase packages of tortillas to simulate pre-marital sex with a married woman! And worst of all, “Tex-Mex” (slang for “Transexual Mexicans) restaurants serve up blends of “fusion” cuisine — “fused’ much like the gay, gender-defying managers and employers who work at these sinful, gloryholes for Satan.

    Satan is said to dwell in hell, which is typical thought to be under the Earth, or south. I think that America has stumbled upon hell ON Earth (Mexico) and it’s time for us to equip our shields and swords for Christ. Will you stand tall?

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