• Is Soap a Way To Total Damnation?

    April 19, 2012 11:13 am 51 comments
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    Even as we hop into the shower or our bathtubs filled with Gods Holy water from the heavens, we are faced with the rising struggle with the next temptress serpent… soap. Gays are now using solid bar soap in acts of sexual behaviour that requires them to not only bath or shower together, but use the bar of soap to place in there never to return dark wells as an act of evil pleasure, and it is disgracing God and his angels above. As the rise of ‘Spoking’ a jargon term among sacraligious homes, becomes more and more popular, we must take a stand in order to stop such evil reaching our locale and make sure we always use liquid soap in our wonderfully God friendly bathrooms.

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    The_Sanctus I am a christian Gospel singer for my local church and i am going to University for a Music Degree to become a music teacher.

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