• Is Social Media Destroying Our Daughters Purity?

    April 10, 2012 12:45 pm 77 comments
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  • One of the biggest reasons for America’s slow collapse into a world of sin is self-assertive women. In fact, successful “Business Women” are in direct contradiction of the Bible’s command that all women are to be faithful and subservient to their husbands.  This eradication of traditional family roles, coupled with a flourishing Gay Homosexual presence is slowly thrusting America into an abyss, far more terrifying than anything found in the Book of Revelations.

    On one hand, Feminism is to blame. Feminism is a  “revolutionary” movement that shares many of the same aspects of Maoism. It encourages women to sin against God and disobey his commands all in the pursuit of sexual pleasure. Lesbianism runs rampant amongst followers of this “radical” movement. Instead of being child-bearing vessels who keep a clean home and please their husband, these women pursue jobs and/or Bachelor’s Degrees instead. Gone are the days of a woman satisfying her husband’s every whim and desire; replaced instead by women who are outgoing and socialized to speak to anyone and everyone.

    But feminism is an outdated practice that is slowly dying off. A new influence has rose in its place and this one is decidedly more savage and damaging. It’s name? “Social Media.”

    Facebook, Tumblr, Twitters — the “Unholy Trinity” as they are known here at the Christwire offices; these platforms are responsible for more corruption than Barack Obama could ever accomplish in SIXTEEN years of presidency.  These computer programs are enablers for women to become self-assertive, confident and most importantly, sinful. They teach women that exchanging your body for material goods is more important than being familiar with the books of the Bible.

    It’s said that over 67% of female Facebook users will have an abortion at one point in their life. Whether it’s as a result of a drunken night of partying, or a secret, deceitful affair with an African-American man — the fact of the matter is, not only does Facebook condone abortions, it encourages them.

    Using “Social Media” will destroy a young woman’s purity, because it allows her to flaunt her sexuality outside of the appropriate, Biblical-decreed parameters of marriage. If a woman frequently uses “Social Media” on a daily basis, then she is technically de-virginized — the constant ogling and obsessions of “creepers” is akin to being vaginally penetrated. This practice, known as “Attention Whoring” is just as bad as its name suggests; it creates a perverse orgy of vanity and inflated self-worth.

    “Social Media” also destroys one’s sense of self-esteem and eliminates the social hierarchy that the Bible has created in America.  In the workplace, men are praised because of their gritty, tough, no-holds-barred work ethic, which is perfectly acceptable. But with the advent of “Social Media” now all a woman has to do is show a tiny bit of her God-created A-Cup breasts, and she not only becomes an “Internet Sensation”, but she also gains hundreds of Twitter and Tumblr followers.

    (Typical example of someone who uses “Social Media” as an “Attention Whore”)

    Women with no redeeming qualities or talents are now praised as “icons” despite having accomplished nothing more than selling a piece of their flesh for attention. These “Social Media” queens use the desperation of hundreds of thousands of confused men as gauges of importance. This is nothing more than a warped social identity constructed with the aid of thousands of perverted, acne-ridden, basement-dwelling Japanese “Anime” viewers.

    But “Social Media” does more than allow our daughters to be raped en masse. It also destroys creativity and motor functions. In fact, frequent use of “Social Media” creates the same physical effects that snorting PCP does. Gone are the days of classy women like Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bermann and Farah Fawcett — replaced instead by women with the mental capacity of a mentally retarded dolphin. This handicap is evident when viewing the profile of a prominent “Social Media Queens” — usernames such as “xSexyKatx” or “TinaMeowza” or “DigitalBath666” — all of the “words” in these user-names are nothing more than inane gibberish that resemble an autistic child’s vocabulary. Yet, these women are revered and treated as “Queens” despite the fact that their usernames and personas resemble the title of a depressed, middle school-aged Emo-Sexual’s diary!  A far cry from the days of submissive women who yearned to be bred for Christ.

    The blame for this behavior begins at home. Often times, abusive and neglectful Non-Christians raise their children as a “friend” and not a possession. These sinful parents want to be “cool Mack Daddies” with their kids and not dominating leaders. It’s common Biblical knowledge that children are to be taught to be obedient; “Spare the rod and spoil the child” comes to mind.  Daily Bible study and prayer helps ensure that one’s child does not grow up to listen to Hip-Hop music and instead has a strong moral foundation which to draw upon. Secularity and “Feminism” has began to eradicate America’s Christian values, and “Social Media” is leading the charge. Don’t allow yourself to fall prey to the twisted practice of some “butch” lesbian who encourages your children to create a Twitter account or have sexual relations with members of the same sex. Studies have proven that lesbianism is a gateway to bestiality.

    Where do you stand? Will you allow your daughter to be gang-raped by the creepy adulation of hundreds of mouth-breathing mongoloids, or will you stand brave with the armies of Christ and say “NO” to your daughter becoming a “Social Media Ho?”

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