• Jon Lovitz on Obama

    April 24, 2012 2:22 pm 1 comment
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  • Jon Lovitz on Obama is the premiere example of how liberals are double standard hypocrites. I make a minor critique of Obama and everybody is ready to call me names and say I just don’t like Obama because “Abe is a bigot”. Yet, you let someone like Jon Lovitz cuss Obama and say all these nasty things and it’s being hailed as the greatest piece of comedy of all time.

    Tell me, if I were to say the following words in one of my YouTube videos, what would you say?

    “This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is f*cking bullsh*t. And I voted for the guy, and I’m a Democrat. What a f*cking a**hole. The rich don’t pay their taxes? Let me tell you something, right. First they say to you, you’re dead broke, ‘the United States of America, you can do anything you want, go for it.’ So then you go for it and then you make it, and everyone’s like ‘f*ck you.'”

    The former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star has played characters like Hanukkah Harry and Tommy Flanagan, yet is allowed to say whatever he wants and make fun of whoever he wants. Why? Just because he is a democrat.

    I try to have some lighthearted fun, and you double standard liberals call me names and don’t have the same reaction. Why are you so biased? If you want to hear the rant, go over to the liberal haven and tell them Abe sent you. They let me write their once and told me not to come back after I laid into Aryana and made her cry in a debate. They try to pretend that Andrew Breitbart, a Republican, did not make them. Makes me sick.


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