• Justin Bieber Stabbed in Back By Crazy Fan (Video)

    April 26, 2012 10:52 am 1 comment
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  • My campaign to make sure celebrities should only be men and women over 32 years old gets more proof today.  Justin Bieber has been attacked by a legion of excited fan girls and stabbed in the back.  The teenaged Canadian was in New York when a woman named Standayja Dawkins lead a group of excited, screaming women right over Bieber’s security and all over the boy singer.

    Had this been Chuck Norris or George Strait, one swift backwards motion of the hand would have sent all these women flying in the opposite direction.  But poor Justin Bieber is still just a young man, he packs no strength in his arms and needs to probably eat some more steaks and taters from the looks of him.  He needs a tough summer with Red Forman demanding he lay concrete and grow a grizzled working man’s beard, then he could demand true stage presence and fan women would no better to do this.

    This video is just tragic and for once I wish the best for Justin Bieber.  To be stabbed in the back by your own fans is just no good.

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