• Justin Bieber Stabbed in Back, Hospitalized, Due to Crazy BVB Fans

    April 26, 2012 2:39 am 24 comments
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  • Innocent American teenager Justin Bieber was the latest victim of crazy, random attacks by a group of vampire afficiandos calling themselves the BVB army.  We can only assume BVB stands for Bite, Vein, Blood, which seems to fit the MO for these crazed black leather fad street gangs that are largely being reported in South London and Hollywood, California.

    Justin Bieber was finishing up a concert and meeting up with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, when suddenly a mob of wide eyed, vitamin-D starved people calling themselves ‘vampires’ overpowered Bieber’s guard.

    At the end of the carnality, the pack of vampires had stabbed Bieber in the back and left him hospitalized.  They also stole Selena Gomez’s phone and posted pictures of her in a bikini all over Reddit.com.   More news on this tragedy as it becomes available.


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