• Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Prove Nothing Is Sacred

    April 6, 2012 12:33 pm 4 comments
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  • The Kardashians are a notorious clan of harlots; dark-featured women who specialize in offering their bodies for sex and seducing Moor-ish men. The mother is a known Bathsheba, a lustful wretch who leaches off wealthy men, exhausting all of their resources before moving on to the next victim, with no shame or sense of self-worth at all.

    Her daughters are filthy women with non-existent integrity, who exhibit desperate attention-seeking behavior through their constant photo shoots, mediocre product endorsements, and banal television appearances.

    The most popular of these whores, is Kim Kardashian — a ravenous sultry slut, obsessed with furthering race relations between Blacks and Caucasians by sexually pleasuring numerous prominent Black celebrities.

    Last year, we all celebrated Kim’s change of heart, as she threw aside her loose sexual morals and decided to embrace the sacred institution of marriage. We all held our breaths as she said “I Do” to NBA star and mulatto, Kris Humphries. A storybook romance, with a picture perfect wedding for the ultimate slut — something I certainly never thought I’d live to see.

    Unfortunately her marriage to the octoroon was short lived, as she abandoned him in order to provide “hand jibbers” to other Black athletes/musicians whom she hadn’t yet tainted with her whorish hands.

    Who could that be? What Black remained for Kim Kardashian to provide pleasure to?  Who is the worst possible human being in the world, one that she could DATE?


    (A child from these two could only mean very horrible things for humanity and followers of Christ)

    Enter the most racist man in America, Kanye West. His constant vitriol concerning the white race is an affront to humanity — but despite these rants he is NEVER persecuted simply because he is Black! Double standard, anyone?

    Kanye West has somehow managed to double his output for egocentric, inappropriate and overrated behavior — by beginning a relationship with the 21st century Jezebel! (Kim Kardashian).

    This is a total eclipse of my heart. The morals (or lack thereof) that these two are responsible for, have me convinced that interracial children will begin to be bred in earnest, with juvenile detention facilities overflowing with violent offenders.

    Fast-talking negros with Macintosh software will begin to “rap” and fill the internet’s kilobytes with useless data containing their maligned rhymes about the colored lifestyle. Thick-bodied, full-lipped, voluptuous mutt women will crowd our walkways and malls with sassy attitudes, loud expletive filled tirades concerning their baby’s fathers and anecdotes about group sex with athletes.

    Kim is obviously suffering from mental health disorders, probably stemming from syphilis. 3 out of 4 African-Americans don’t get tested. Kim went from making a mockery of sacred marriage, to giving sane, normal, decent human behavior a middle finger salute. If you’re like me, you’re saying “Mark E. what can I do to make sure the aftershock of this Sambo union doesn’t affect me?”

    What can we do as Christians?

    Form a Prayer Group in Your Community and Pray. Remember Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can’t hurt you if you don’t let them into your heart.

    Boycott E! Television — this network is nothing more than an outlet for transexuals to flaunt thier mutilated sense of identity and boast about their mangled genitals. E! also supports the war on Christian Values, by broadcasting the Kardashian Klan.

    Protest Kardashian Public Appearances — For some reason, the mainstream media is obsessed with Kim, pretending that her thoughts and opinions on anything hold any sort of value or merit. Use this walking blow-up-doll’s public appearances as a way to show-off your condemning, yet Christian picket signs and clever wordplay!
    Burn Kanye West CD’s — There is nothing this mongrel has produced that has uplifted my community in any way, shape or form. Burn his “albums” in a public display of strength; show fellow hostile African-Americans that Christ is stronger than any sort of unregistered handgun they may hold. Kanye is nothing more than gangster rap trash and boasting about drug-dealing and having sexual relations with uncouth women.

    In closing, I hope that I inspired the strong moral will that resides inside of every god-fearing Christian. I urge you to take a stand with me and show these “icons” that they are nothing more than rapists; guilty of tarnishing strong moral principles and ruining the Christian foundation that we have worked so hard to build.

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