• Kanye West Theraflu Released With Lil Kim, Hit Boy and DJ Khaled

    April 6, 2012 4:15 am Comments Off on Kanye West Theraflu Released With Lil Kim, Hit Boy and DJ Khaled
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  • The fishstick loving rapper Kanye West Theraflu release is supposed to be the best musical thing since sliced bread. And that bread is actually 8 days expired and sitting in a Georgia swamp. Sounds great, right?

    If you are to believe Kanye West, Theraflu is the hottest hip hop track of all time. It is to be released officially on DJ Khaleds next project and apparently features Lil Kim and Hit Boy.

    Theraflu is apparently named such because it supposedly works like the medicine, making you mellow out and get over the ailment. An easier way to feel better is not listen to smug artists who will ail your ears with their hamfisted muscial productions named Theraflu. They are not holy, but give us Tupac, Dr. Dre, Easy E, Biggie or Snoop any day over this new nonsense.

    Theraflu is basically Kanye West with overly produced music, bragging about 6,000 shoes and expensive parties that cost far more than a cruddy house in South Central Los Angeles. Feeling sick yet?

    Theraflu will be available for streaming tomorrow on SoundCloud.

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