• Lyrid Meteor Shower 2012, Sign of America’s Fate

    April 22, 2012 11:05 am 2 comments
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  • The spectacular Lyrid Meteor Shower 2012 is a great fireworks show in the heavens. But does it have cultural and militaristic implications for America. Chuck Reagan investigates.

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    The Lyrid Meteor Shower 2012 was unlike any other, as the backdrop for it was a new moon. This made for a very dark night sky over America, where the full majesty of the streaking meteors very inspirational for America.

    The last four years have been tough for America: Barack Obama is president. The military is now allowed to have men who are light of foot. Our international power and ability to strike fear into our enemies at just the mere whisper of ‘freedom fighters’ has been lost. Our enemies laugh and we rub our heads, wondering how to end our economic turmoils and get a man like George W. Bush back in office.

    Artists rendition of the Tatcher meteor, the source of the Lyrid meteors. The Thatcher Comet is a proving ground for angels in battle, where they learn to defend America from supernatural and invisible threats. Pieces of the Thatcher comet that break off are reminders of America’s eternal destiny to rule not only mankind, but the universe.

    And it’s in our darkest hour that our Lord has reached out to us to show us a message with these Lyrid meteors. The Lyrid Meteor Showers are caused by what scientists call an old comet named Thatcher. Thatcher is actually a proving ground for angels, where they learn to hone their new abilities they use to defend us from great evils like terrorists, demons and other people who don’t like Ronald Reagan’s America.

    Every piece of Thatcher that breaks off is a reminder of our eternal destiny. It’s bigger than just our country or the world: friends, we are meant to be rulers of the universe. Just take it in: an universe that is fated to be ruled by the G.O.P. of morality and conservatism. How great a future is that?


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