• Metrosexuality: Satan’s Second Most Fabulous Demon

    April 17, 2012 2:40 am 32 comments
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  • Back when I was a young boy, my father would reminisce to me about the 50’s. One quote in particular stuck out in my mind from that time on. “I remember when men were men, women were housewives and gays didn’t exist.” This mentality has been a guiding light in my crusade and many other Christians, but as America becomes more secular and controlled by Obama’s Sharia Law, we have been losing this. Unfortunately, one of the greatest threats to traditional gender roles and sexuality continues to grow. Metrosexuality.

    Stop it, David Bowie.

    We must first begin with the beginning. Back in the 1970’s during the sexual disco revolution, humanity was exposed to provocative horrors such as the Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever, the Jackson 5, Queen and John Travolta. As time progressed, threats like David Bowie, George Michael, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper emerged, completely overshadowing any moral conservatism that could’ve been occurring. The liberal populace was under the impression that this immoral invasion was a perfectly reasonable occurrence, that homosexuality was not the real demon involved and that this was mere human progression. Even with God striking down the homogays with AIDS didn’t prevent the feminization of young men, but rather appeared to accelerate it. This trend continued through to the 90’s within subcultures of misguided youth and among bands like Nirvana, Hanson and Radiohead. As liberals gained more and more control, they bombarded us with inappropriate displays of socialism, environmentalism, and worst of all, gender non-conformity. Many a young boy found himself singing along to the Spice Girls or dreaming of being one of the girls in Sex And The City, and that is at a climax right now.

    Bands like One Direction are viciously threatening our youth with weapons of mass destruction such as song, dance and striped clothing.

    Recent facts indicate that 87% of youth under the age of 18 describe themselves as regular viewers of one or more of the following shows: GLEE, Project Runway, Pretty Little Liars, My Little Pony and Modern Family. Shows like these are, as well as musical phenomena like One Direction, Justin Beaver, Demi Lovado, Katy Parry and Lady GaGa, demonstrate a dangerous lack of respect for traditional male dressing. I remember excitedly going clothing shopping. Why, for my graduation and the fact that I was appointed my school’s valedictorian and prom king, my father gave me 10 000 dollars to spend on new clothing for myself at J. Crew and Brooks Brothers. The boys and I would look for the neatest sensible Christian clothing, and then buy several of each item so that I could look snazzy at college to contrast with the dirty hippies I’d be encountering daily. But as we can see in these media smash hits, young men seem to have abandoned moral clothing entirely. Shopping either in the women’s section or black thug stores, traditional masculinity is in shambles with youth.

    Unfortunately, we can see that the decline of normality has led to a slew of issues. The economy is in the garbage right now, sodomite marriage has been legalized in several states, teen pregnancy is running rampant, blacks are behaving even more unruly and Fox News and Christwire, as long as many respectable republicans are being incessantly mocked by the ruffians run through our failure of a public education system. Many a young man is currently experimenting at this very moment with sodomy as Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi cheer them on with sadistic glee. Obesity rates are ever increasing as traditional masculine pastimes such as football and church are being replaced with fattening hobbies of sheer laziness such as nail painting and flamboyant dancing. It is clear that metrosexuality is an indicator that the homogay feminist regime has gone too far.

    Villains such as these are responsible for America’s downfall.

    An issue I frequently ponder is the prevention of the militant metrosexual regime, the methods we could use to rid the earth of problems like He-Man and men who have skin care regimens. What I have observed is the Bible and regularly attending church is the most effective way to avoid being swept up in this feminine tsunami of mass destruction. Soft hair and overpriced jeans may seem like a solution for the less Godly man, but a Christian man knows better. To effectively rejuvenate America, I would suggest abandoning completely Obama’s secular crusade, in favor of a more Christ-like approach.This is an issue that requires the government to take incredible action, action rarely suggested. But the consequences of metrosexuality are far to dire to be taken as lightly as the metrosexual’s perfume, and this is a very serious issue that could potentially lead to America becoming some sort of pathetic third world country, another Canada or Finland.

    We must restore masculinity in America. It is bad enough that real men like Rick Santorum or Rush Limbaugh are mocked for their exposure of the truth; we don’t need young men prancing around in short shorts, sparkly scarves or tight pants as immature young females coo in delusional delight. Parents must be vigilant in ensuring the clothing and products their children adorn themselves in is appropriate for God’s delicate eyes. The future of America depends on this, as the future is looking bleak.

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