• More Proof Cats Are Savage, Cannot Be Trusted

    April 24, 2012 10:16 am 73 comments
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  • Pack of stray cats force tourists to hide in a random wildlife transport and beg for their lives.  These tourists were never seen again.

    Cats are manipulative beasts who would gobble you up given the chance.  You may think when you lay down and your little cat kneads your chest, it is showing affection.  In reality, it is thinking about every savory bite it would take of you after it strangled you by the jugular, if given the chance.

    The most terrifying thing about cat owners, and this is one that gets to my heart, it’s that they trust these primal hunters around their children.  A cat is equipped to kill.  It is fast and nimble.  It has an instinct of no loyalty.  In just 3 seconds, a cat can maul your body and drag her off to its layer, piece by piece.  Do not be fooled by a kitten’s soft purs or cuddling around your feet.  Just like a lion swipes the hooves off a zebra when in persuit, the cat is simply sizing you up should it ever try to chase you down and take a rabies carrying bite off you.

    Innocent baby attacked by demonic black cat.

    Friends, a great conservationish named Bob Barker spent over 50 years of his life begging his television audience one thing.  Get rid of cats.  He’d say to have your cats spayed or neutered, but deep down, you know he meant to take these haggard beasts to your nearest animal shelter before they overrun our society and we have no way of curbing their roachlike plague spreading population.  It seems for every one cat you take to your local shelter to be rectified, 20 more pop up in its place.

    Let us truly control the pet population.  A dog is a great pet and it is loyal.  A cat is not.  Cats belong in animal shelters and even better, massively deported out of our country to see foreign island.  I’m not for wiping all cats out, I just want them to stop being strays in my country.  And no matter how people put it, any cat outside is a stray cat.  Pure and simple.


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