• National Honesty Day, Obama Finally Confesses His Secret Agenda For America

    April 30, 2012 11:46 am 67 comments
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  • National Honesty Day forces Barack Obama confess eating dogs, craving cigarettes and imposing his rumored “radical socialist agenda” on the America.

    Barack Obama's nose is long with lies most days of the year.

    It’s not often that we see Barack Obama be completely honest with us.  All this changed this week with National Honesty Day.

    National Honesty Day is was created by President George W. Bush in 2008.  The day is a day of atoning for politicians and American households by the power of the most valued Republican moral:  truth.

    Truth is key to the GOP.  Every day, Republicans start out their Congressional meetings with an honest prayer to God and vows to keep America grounded by conservative principles based on Judeo-Christian heritage and tradition.

    Barack Obama was raised a foreign radical.  Obama does not believe in values, morality and conservatism.  He is a backstabber.  He has betrayed our economy.  He betrays those who put him into power.  He has no loyalty and will be made to atone for all that he’s doing wrong with us when his day of judgment comes before God.

    God will say, “Barack Hussein Obama, why did you not confess your birth certificate is fake and why did you not confess that you were selling America out to radical Muslim terrorists?”

    Obama will have no good answers.

    President George W. Bush had foresight and figured that Obama would play the race card to win the election and liberals would be too blind to understand his rampant Trotsky-socialist leanings before it was far too late.  That is why before President George W. Bush left office in 2008, he made a new law called National Honesty Day.

    On the week of National Honesty Day, every president is required — by executive order 92343 — to tell the truth.  The President of the United States shall be hooked to a polygraph machine and stand before the nation’s media.  The president shall answer the most pressing questions his greatest critics have asked of him.  National Honesty day shall occur every 4 years, in the last year of any sitting president’s term.  A president who does not confess his true agenda will face impeachment.


    Before confessing his sins, Obama tried to appear smug and confident.  He tried to wink his eyes and let everyone think he exuded confidence, when in reality he was scared and knew he had no choice but to tell the truth.

    Before the council of the White House Press Corps, the Secretary General of the UN, Congress and the Supreme Court, Obama took to the stage at the “Press Dinner” and answered all our questions.  Starting at 17:36 to his nervous speech, Obama finally confessed:

    • Where he was born (this one starts at 3:20, and he actually winked after saying, “And I, of course, was born in Kenya.”)
    • Eating dogs (Obama confesses that he ate fried pitbull for the first time at age 6, and still eats dogs)
    • His radical, second term agenda (Obama confessed he believes the US needs to become more socialist and that he wants to make ‘alliances’ with Russia
    • Jealousy of Mitt Romney’s hard earned wealth, two Harvard degrees, and hipness among young voters
    • Hillary Clinton’s beer drinking in Colombia (”she won’t stop drunk texting me from Cartagena.”).  Obama also confessed the Secret Service was ‘scoring’ him Colombian women to ‘interview’ as diplomats.
    • Celebrity attendees like Kim Kardashian and Obama have sexted in the past.

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