• Obama Plan for Oil Speculators Is a Big Fat Disappointment

    April 17, 2012 10:57 pm 23 comments
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  • Once again Obama is a big fat giant disappointment. He got voted in because America was tired of the bull crap that we had to suffer through during the Bush administration. He promised us change and health care and haven’t given us crap.

    Not only did he get voted in, he had a Democratic majority in both the Senate and the House to get things done. But they were to busy sucking off the Republicans to fight for us. Because of this, instead of having a real health care plan that might help people, we have a health care plan that would have made us, the American people have to buy insurance from giant mega-corporations by law. That is until the Supreme Court decided it was unconstitutional.

    Obama has the balls to invade Pakistani airspace to pop a cap in Osama Bin Laden’s ass, but he can’t even make a decent health care plan so I am not in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars if I get cancer? Screw you Obama.

    That’s right. A black man just said “Screw you Obama and my black ass stands behind it. Every one wants to act like he is black but he is half white, raised by a white mama, then racist old white people and then went to college with a bunch of rich crackers. The only black person he has ever known is his wife. And lets be honest he wouldn’t be president if he were married to a white girl now would he?

    obama disapointing blacks

    Obama Disappointing black men since 2008

    And don’t even get me started on him deciding to sign a law that makes it legal for any Americans like you and me to be locked up in Gitmo without trial by jury? I mean…how unconstitutional is that? What kinda black man wants to lock his people up without a trial? The only thing black about that boy is his daddy left him.

    So here is what has pissed me off today. I have to put over $4.00 a gallon gas in my Bimmer every couple of days. What the hell?!?!?

    Obama finally decided to get up off his high yellow behind and try to do something about it. This comes from Yahoo News:

    The president’s $52 million proposal would stiffen penalties for firms found to manipulate markets and raise the amount of money traders would have to put up to back their positions. It would also beef up the enforcement staff of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and increase spending on technology to oversee and monitor energy markets.

    obama gas

    Really? So he is going to spend $52 million dollars of my money and your money? How about he just makes it illegal for these rich D-bags to artificially drive up prices. How damned hard is that? I mean you are the damned president!!!

    Obama it is time to get off your half black ass and do something for this country, cause if you don’t this time next year I am gonna be writing about Mit Romney’s Mormon ass pissing me of.

    obama bird flipper

    Yeah, up your’s too.

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